Jollibee hires attorney Chris P. Poultry to serve up Chicken Sandwich justice

(Chris P. Poultry)

Have you been emotionally harmed by a tasteless chicken sandwich? A sandwich so soggy, dry or bland it leaves you joyless? Seems these days, everyone is throwing their chicken sandwich hat into the ring. But just because it’s in the ring doesn’t mean it’s good.

Fact is, people have been super vocal online about chicken sandwiches that have let them down. But who’s advocating for them? Who’s fighting for their right to experience the joyful, crispy, juicy, flavorful chicken sandwich they deserve? No one – until now!

These are the words of Chris P. Poultry, Chicken Sandwich Lawyer extraordinaire who is on the right side of chicken sandwich justice, fighting for our rights by offering just compensation: a free Jollibee Chickenwich.

Much like the scales of justice, Jollibee’s Chickenwich offers the perfect balance of crispiness and juiciness. And a whole lot of joy.

“Justice is Best Served Crispy,” is the title of Jollibee’s new campaign created by our friends at David&Goliath, a fun parody on those late-night ambulance-chasing lawyer ads. The campaign inspires consumers to reconsider their chicken sandwich options and break away from the ‘good enough’ or simply ho-hum competition by offering a free Jollibee Chickenwich™ for a truly joyful chicken sandwich experience. 

“In the chicken sandwich ‘wars,’ it’s easy for brands to get lost in the mix,” said Ben Purcell, chief creative officer, David&Goliath. “Being the joyful brand that Jollibee is, we’re excited to work with this brave client that not only could rise above the ‘wars,’ but also could see the bigness in the idea, and help support our efforts to bring the world chicken sandwich justice.”

The fully integrated campaign officially launches September 14 and includes an :80 ad titled “Chicken Sandwich Justice,” created to generate buzz and engage Chris P. Poultry with consumers eager to find joy in their chicken sandwich experience.

Akin to those cliche ambulance-chasing ads, as well as a huge taste of Better Call Saul here, the spot stars Chicken Sandwich Lawyer Chris P. Poultry fighting for the victims of tasteless chicken sandwiches by offering the mouth-watering compensation of a free, tasteful Jollibee Chickenwich. Watch below:

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“We know there are many chicken sandwiches on the market right now, but with the launch of the Jollibee Chickenwich, we want everyone to experience just how delicious a chicken sandwich is meant to be,” said Luis Velasco, senior vice president and marketing head, Honeybee Foods Corporation.

Velasco adds. “Our newest campaign featuring Chris P. Poultry takes a fun and cheeky approach to emphasize that not all chicken sandwiches are the same. At Jollibee, they’re always joyfully delicious. We want people to try what we believe everything a chicken sandwich should be – crispy, juicy and tasty – that’s why we are giving eligible customers an opportunity to try the Jollibee Chickenwich™ at no cost to them.” 

Further leaning into the trope ads, the campaign includes print and OOH ads placed on bus stop benches and billboards with Chris P. Poultry’s suited-up headshot and website plastered across the front and copy that asks the probing question: “Were you the victim of a joyless chicken sandwich?” And classic call-to-action “You might be entitled to chicken sandwich compensation, go to”


“As someone who grew up on Jollibee chicken, it gives me great joy that we’re doing this campaign for Jollibee, whose mission is to serve great tasting food and bring the joy of eating to everyone. And what better place to start than making sure people have the right to a crispy, juicy chicken sandwich that doesn’t disappoint,” said Yumi Prentice, president, David&Goliath. 



“According to a recent Meltwater social media report conducted from April to June 2021,16% of the chicken sandwich category conversation was driven by complaints about competitors. In order to reach those people who are missing out on a truly joyful chicken sandwich experience, we wanted to create a campaign that would capture their imagination and taste buds.”

Additional elements include an aerial banner and :30, :15, and :06 cut downs of “Chicken Sandwich Justice” titled “Emotional Harm” and “Actual Client” used for digital and social including Tik Tok integrations. As well, influencers will amplify campaign messaging throughout all social platforms. 

After much cross-examination, the verdict is in: it’s your right to indulge in a delicious chicken sandwich that brings you joy. Thanks to Jollibee, justice is best served crispy with Jollibee Chickenwich. Case closed.

The creative is pretty damn tasty, too!


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