HoneyBook taps Performance Art for 1st campaign


Clientflow management platform, HoneyBook, announced today the launch of their first major U.S. campaign in partnership with Interpublic Group’s (IPG) data-driven creative agency, Performance Art

The new campaign introduces the world to the idea of good and bad “clientflow,” the term used 
to describe how independent professionals sell and deliver their services. A good clientflow is one that helps accelerate a customer through an automated, efficient, streamlined client experience, from first inquiry to final payment.

A bad clientflow, on the other hand, is an incredibly inefficient way to manage an independent business which results in costly mistakes, poor communication, unhappy clients, and worse. HoneyBook helps independent business owners create a great clientflow, which the humorous new campaign from Performance Art brings to life. 

“Independent service-based professionals selling their skills as a service, like photographers, consultants, and designers—are truly the backbone of the American economy. But too often admin errors and client friction keep them from achieving their goals. That’s called bad clientflow and HoneyBook can help solve it,” said HoneyBook Chief Commercial Officer Matti Yahav. 
“We came to the team at Performance Art and asked them to help us introduce that idea to the world. They came back to us with a creative, interesting, and fun campaign that reflects our brand and speaks to our customer.”

The campaign features two new spots that demonstrate what can go wrong when your clientflow is broken. The first spot, “Mix Up,” features an event DJ who shows up at an 81st birthday party mistakenly thinking that it’s an 18th birthday party. Take a look:

The second spot, “Ghosted,” features a graphic designer who is constantly being ghosted by clients as she tries to chase down unsigned contracts and unpaid invoices. Watch below:


“Sometimes the most effective way to communicate the solution to a problem is to show what happens when there’s no solution at all,” said Colin Craig, Executive Creative Director at Performance Art. “Rather than try to explain it, we knew the best way to demonstrate the idea of clientflow was to humorously highlight the business mishaps, missteps and mistakes that are as unfortunate as they are common. Being ghosted by clients or screwing up important details are funny in a campaign, but not so much in real life. With the right system in place with HoneyBook, they don’t have to happen at all.”

The integrated campaign includes broadcast TV, online video, social media, and streaming audio, supported by programmatic and performance creative developed internally by HoneyBook’s creative team.

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