GoFundMe campaign for ‘Hollywood Superman’ funeral

Christopher Dennis, aka Hollywood Boulevard Superman, tragically passed away November 2 at the age of 52.

For over 25 years, Dennis was seen traversing crowded Hollywood Boulevard dressed as “The Man of Steel.” The character and costume perfectly fit his tall, thin frame and full (later dyed) jet-black hair.

There are thousands and thousands of photographs of Chris with visitors to Hollywood Boulevard online and in photo albums around the world.

The performer was featured a number of times on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and starred in the 2007 documentary Confessions of a Superhero.

The sad truth is Dennis had been homeless, off and on, for three years prior to his passing, sometimes sleeping in shelters.Hollywood Superman

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Family, friends, and fans who had helped him find lodgings over the years, hope to raise funds to give him a final resting place where he can be at peace for eternity.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise funds for a funeral service, cremation, grave/niche plot, and a memorial plaque at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

The GoFundMe page was created on behalf of Christopher’s widow, Bonnie Finkenthal Dennis, by Vladislav Kozlov, his long-time friend and director.

Kozlov produced a short film called The Kid, which starred Dennis, as himself, and film legend Franco Nero. He had been filming with the performer for the hybrid documentary called American Superman since 2013.

The crowdfunding campaign strives to help Hollywood Superman find his final rest in the Hollywood land to which he truly belongs.

For more information about the crowdfunding campaign, click here

SOURCE: Roberson PR