Highmark draws inspiration from Hemingway


Highmark Inc., the country’s fourth largest Blue Cross Blue Shield-affiliated health insurance provider, has teamed with Partners and Napier to launch a new campaign this week to introduce its “Right Fit Guarantee.”

It’s an effort designed to assure members and prospective members of its commitment to help them find the right Medicare plan tailored to their unique lives and needs.

“Every life story is as different as the person who is living it. So are their wants and needs, even when it comes to health insurance. That’s why we created the ‘Right Fit Guarantee,'” says Chris Zdanowski-Pattison, Director of Strategic Marketing at Highmark Health.

She adds, “We want people to know that we will provide them with the right Medicare plan for their particular situation even as their health, finances and future needs evolve.”

Directed by Circle’s Michael McCort, the campaign was inspired by the popular urban legend in which renowned author Ernest Hemingway bet a group of writers he could pen a novel in six words. He then created the narrative, “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” and collected his winnings.

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“Medicare customers have a lot of life and experience behind them. We saw an opportunity for a new way of storytelling—to boil all that down to just six words and create powerful narratives based on Highmark’s current and prospective members,” said Michael Baron, Executive Creative Director at Partners + Napier.
Partners + Napier brought the campaign to life through :60- and :30-second television spots, as well as pre-roll, print, freestanding inserts and more.

Among the six-word stories are:

“Learned how less could be more,” featuring a retired couple sitting by a campfire outside their RV, relishing the night sky.
“Went big. Fell hard. Got up,” showcasing a successful food truck chef who has found his second career.
“Ringleader of my very own circus,” depicting a grandmother baking up a storm, with grandkids adding to the fun.

The campaign, which is set to run throughout much of Pennsylvania, also points to a new URL: HighmarkRightFit.com — which is designed to help visitors make smart choices about Medicare.

Client: Highmark

Agency: Partners + Napier
   Executive Creative Director: Michael Baron
   Group Account Director: Kelly Chapman
   Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: PJ Galgay
   Associate Creative Director, Art Director: Jeff Hopper
   Senior Copywriter: VJ Ortiz
   Director of Strategic Planning: Stephanie Bane
   Account Executive: Julia Benson
   Editorial Service Manager: Erin Dwyer

Production Company: Circle
   Producer: Nikki Howze
   Director: Michael McCourt


Audio/Sound Design

SOURCE: Partners and Napier