Fallon replaces Culligan man with Princess Bride

Culligan's "As You Wish" spot by Fallon

Culligan’s “As You Wish” spot by Fallon

“Hey, Culligan M—” Oops can’t say that anymore

During the Golden Globes, Culligan and Fallon debuted the first national campaign in more than half-a-century for the Rosemont, IL-based brand.

Culligan has been known across the country for the “Hey Culligan Man!” slogan for 59 years.

But in 2018, the brand says it is looking to evolve and modernize for current and prospective customers.

Water is central to so much of our home lives—cooking, showering, brushing our teeth and, yes, drinking it, so Culligan wants to make the case that even if you don’t mind drinking from the water hose, you probably would give your loved ones in your home the very best water possible.

So, what movie would inspire you to create a new campaign to replace the infamous one? Jaws? Water World? Speed 2: Cruise Control?

Try pulling the 30-year-old The Princess Bride out of your crown. So, who better to bring in than Westley himself, the talented Cary Elwes.

Directed by Abteen Bagheri, the funny and charming spot features Elwes reviving his famous “as you wish” line from the cinematic cult-classic fairy tale. Playing into his famed character Westley, it is now thirty years later and Elwes is now a real-life father who wants to provide what is best for his daughter, including pure water that makes great food, soft clothes and almost entirely particle-free, incredible-tasting drinking water. Watch below:



The spot is delightfully written and produced from the creative team of Copy Writer Megan Winterhalter and Art Director Steph Hayden.

“‘As you wish,’ is more than a famous movie quote. It conveys a timeless, human truth that people will do anything for those they love,” said Rick Utzinger, Creative Director at Fallon. “Water touches everything in the home from skin, to hair, to food, clothes and pets. So, if you could give your people cleaner, safer Culligan Water, why wouldn’t you? I’d like to note that in my home pets are people too.”

“We imagined Westley wanting to give the princess [his daughter] the purest water that is cleaner, softer, and downright delicious,” said Larry Holzman, Senior Vice President, Culligan North American Franchise. “Our whole home filtration system allows people to have the best water throughout their homes for those they love, by giving them all the benefits of Culligan water. Anything less would be, well, inconceivable!”

The campaign idea, “You Could Give Your People Culligan Water,” will extend across National TV in North America and be surrounded with print, streaming audio, digital and social. In social, fans can join in the fun reliving the notable one-liners using #AsYouWish in social media and with a custom Amazon Alexa Skill supporting the campaign. Customers can enable the skill from the Alexa Skills store on the Amazon website, or by saying “enable Culligan Water skill.

To tie in with the 30th anniversary of the film, Fallon and Culligan also created an Amazon Alexa skill. Now when you tell Alexa to ask Culligan water about anything it will respond with “As you wish,” followed by the answer to your question. When I get an Alexa (when you’re a writer in LA trying to make it, it’s a luxury) I will certainly try it.

This spot however, is a fantastic combination of marketing, ingenuity and creativity.

As they wished.

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