Happy Holidays from ‘Reel 360’

2019 has been a tremendous year of growth for Reel 360. In late 2017, our publisher Barbara L. Roche had a “crazy” idea. By the way, that is how all great ideas begin – with an element of craze. Barbara wanted to expand on original publisher Ruth Ratny’s vision of creating a Reel Chicago footprint in Los Angeles.

Being the ambitious woman she is, Barbara wanted the world. And that is what has happened in the last year. Reel 360 has expanded and is continuing to grow every single day across the US and abroad into the UK, Germany, France and more.

That is due to our rich and diverse blend of readers believing in us and responding favorably.

As 2020 approaches, we have found ourselves at an interesting intersection. On one side there is advertising. On the other corner, is entertainment. We believe we are right where we are supposed to be as the two become more and more intertwined.

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The lines are blurred and The Reel 360 team, through our articles, op-eds, e-lerts, upcoming podcasts and Reel Pro section will hopefully help our audience see.

All the while as we will grow. We promise to not lose our optimism. We are a fan of ad agencies and the work they do. We are a fan, even if our resident The Geek dings a film, of anyone who makes them. We support you and will continue to report on the great things in our industries.

Look for our publication to cover even more advertising nationally and internationally. We will show the same amount of love to indie films and studio films. Gaming is going to become bigger. We will cover TV and media even more in-depth. And we promise to go behind the scenes as much as possible.

Now, in order to accomplish this, we need a break. And a break we will (sort of) take. You can be sure we are planning out our coverage of 2020 right now.

So, from all of us at Reel 360, we say first, “Thank you” for joining us on our growing journey. We will return before New Years, briefly with our “Year in Review.”

We wish you the happiest of holidays.

Barbara L. Roche

Colin Costello

Daniel L. Patton

The Geek