Rumor mill: Lucas open to returning to ‘Star Wars’

Take this with a Death Star-sized grain of salt. But according to several different reports surfacing on various outlets, George Lucas has apparently told someone to hold his lightsaber, because he is reportedly interested in returning to the galaxy he created a long time ago. If….

And that, friends, wookies and X-wing pilots is a big IF. According to website, Pirates and Princesses, Lucas would return IF he were to receive complete control of Star Wars.

Feel free to call this, Return of the Lucas… or possibly, Revenge of the Lucas.

The fact is aside from Rogue One, Star Wars has had a lack of vision on the big screen. Correct that, a lack of Lucas’ vision. A lack of vision from JJ Abrams, who ditched after the well-received The Force Awakens. And a vision that was dumped upon by Rian Johnson in The Last Jedi. Abrams spent most of his time on Rise of Skywalker, addressing what fans didn’t like about the previous film.

Rose… cough… cough… Tico.

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And honestly, there have been no great surprises in these last three films. It’s been a rehash of everything Lucas created. He gave us Death Stars, Imperial Walkers, Ewoks, Wookies, water planets, ice planets. Even if you didn’t like the prequels, I personally find The Phantom Menace unwatchable and boring, you could still feel Lucas’ vision playing out.

Then throw in the fact that Lucasfilm head, Kathleen Kennedy, has had creative differences with almost all of her directors leading to them being replaced (looking at you Solo), it might be time for George to right the ship.

Then there are the fans.

Other than The Mandalorian, fans are split on the Star Wars universe under Disney. The Obi-Wan show had a chance at uniting the fans more, but now that is likely on hold over “creative differences” and people are wanting a change at Lucasfilm.  So this all lines up with what we’ve been hearing about in our pop culture circles.

Lucas would probably bring in Dave Filoni to help turn it around, which would likely be a good choice seeing that he has worked with George for years and is the man behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels and a big part of The Mandalorian.

How do Disney and Lucasfilm feel about this?

From what we hear… crickets chirping. Most likely they want Lucas, if he were to return, in a capacity as a consultant. There is also a rumor that Kevin Feige is interested in taking over Star Wars when he is done with Marvel.

As of now it’s all just rumor and possibly fan fiction. Stay tuned for Episode X.

SOURCE: Pirates and Princesses

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