The end of ‘Supernatural’ begins tonight on CW

Supernatural-15 (1)

Carry on my wayward sons.

The journey toward the end of Dean and Sam Winchester now begins after 15 long years. Hailed as one of the most underrated TV series ever, but with a rabid fanbase, Supernatural will start airing its last 20 episodes beginning tonight. has run a story that teases what executive producers Andrew Dabb and Robert singer have up their sleeves

Considering the show travels regularly between Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, other dimensions, it will be interesting to see where they take us.

When a show like this ends, one wonders how it affects the production. The Exec Producers promise fans that they are only going to do what is best for the brothers:

“We weren’t really considering whether there would be a future movie or a reboot or anything like that. We wanted to write the best ending that we could, that we all were internally happy with, and that’s what we’ve done.” – Robert Singer, Executive Producer

This season will reportedly feature standalone episodes with humor mixed. Of course, we can all expect an over-arching story that will bring the Winchesters’ story to a satisfying (hopefully) conclusion.

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“I hope we’re speaking to the majority of our fans. There’s definitely episodes where we do address things that come out of the fandom and out of social media, but in terms of how the story ends, in terms of bringing back certain characters, it was [about] what makes sense for the guys on their journey and in this story at this point. To some extent, all television now is fan service, but it’s not about direct fan service in that way; it’s more about what is going to get us to the emotional conclusion that we want for these guys.” – Andrew Dabb, Executive Producer

Hopefully we will see the familiar faces we have come to love including Kevin the Prophet (Osric Chau), Billie the Reaper (Lisa Berry), Eileen the Hunter (Shoshanna Stern), and perhaps most importantly – Adam, the Winchester’s half-brother.

No word at this moment on Crowley or John Winchester (Walking Dead’s Jeffrey C. Morgan).

Supernatural is the only series let from the now-defunct WB network. It was a show created by my cousin (by marriage) Eric Kripke and I would say that the first five seasons rival the best of any genre series on TV including Lost and Game of Thrones.

Carry on my wayward sons.

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