Drama Queen creates campaign around self-love

(Drama Queen creates vows for BetterMe)

Exchanging the vows with our significant others is deeply rooted in our traditions and culture. We eagerly promise to love and honor one another forever. But what if we make such a “vow” to ourselves? The talented team at Ukrainian agency, Drama Queen has now dropped a new campaign for BetterMe, the fastest family of health and fitness apps. 95 million subscribers and counting.

Dubbed, “VowToMyself,” the new campaign explores the concept of self-acceptance as the only true key to wellness. It incarnates the idea that only after we promise to love and support ourselves and stick to our promises, self-acceptance becomes life-changing. 

The film begins with a woman sitting in the locker room, looking nervously at the locker keyring in her hand. It’s as if she is standing at the altar before doing her vows and she ponders if she has made all the right choices in her life…

Then, as if it were flashbacks, we start going through different scenes of her recent life — both funny and serious, happy and sad, bitter and sweet situations that happen to every regular human on the way to wellness and self-approval.

And in the end, we return back to this first scene and feel the journey she has made. With newly gained acceptance she puts the keyring on her finger as if it’s a wedding ring, looks in the mirror, and smiles at herself.  Watch below:

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Anna Goncharova, Creative Director in Drama Queen says, “In our society, it’s common to make timeless vows to the other person when we get married. We eagerly promise to love, honor, and support him or her forever. Sounds a little unfair…Why wouldn’t each of us first make such a „vow“ to himself, one and only! What a life it could be! They say a person can only be happy after finding a perfect match. We say each of us can create happiness within by becoming his own perfect match!”.

So, the campaign plays with the words of traditional marriage vows, giving it a completely different ending, meaning, and vibe. Despite the melancholic character of the vows themselves, BetterMe`s version of a vow is kind and funny, with a bit of self-irony and lots of human insights.

Ben Brand, the director, adds, “We wanted to show a real person, an opposite character of what we see in beauty commercials, not model looking, but still an attractive woman, who creates herself and who feels beautiful at the end, because she did a great job and she believes in herself. We hope this will make our audience feel empathy and smile and recognize themselves in moments of truth, like failing, giving up, cheering up and continuing fighting till the end”.

In the campaign “VowToMyself”, Ben attended to make a heroine the main point of the film, to show her inner dialogue, her inner fight, doubts, upset and anger or pride and rise of the spirit, her inner growth from fear to self-confidence and self-love.