Director Anthony Pellino joins the ArtClass roster

(Anthony Pellino)

Production company ArtClass has signed director Anthony Pellino to its roster for U.S. commercial and branded content representation. Having worked with such brands as Reebok, Guinness, Lexus, and Peloton, Pellino is known for the raw and emotionally charged power of his work and fearless style of visual storytelling.  

“Anthony is a visceral filmmaker, wise beyond his years,” says Rebecca Niles, ArtClass Executive Producer. “I was immediately impressed by how quickly he amassed such a vast and impressive body of work in a short time. His ambitious and fresh approach to storytelling resonated with us as we grow our roster with exciting talent poised to breathe new life into the industry.”

“There’s a real hunger and trajectory at ArtClass that I’m super excited about,” adds Pellino. “Rebecca and [ArtClass Partner/Executive Producer] Geno Imbriale bring real enthusiasm for their creators and just want to make great content. This was a huge catalyst for me to join their roster. All of the directors have their own unique specialty. I love that I get to work alongside them and bring my hyperreal niche into the fold.”

Pellino launched his career at 19 years old when he directed “Be More Human,” a hyperrealistic spot for Reebok about the internal meditations of William H. Cavali, an amateur boxer from Brooklyn, before each match. That spot led to a number of projects for Spalding, Guinness, Uber and Michelob Ultra.

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Pellino helmed a series of branded documentaries for Peloton, and served as both director and creative director on episodes for the Rumble Boxing at-home app experience. Directly after this, he spent 18 months in San Francisco consulting on and building a content production arm for venture capital company 8VC. Pellino is currently developing a short film around the theme of healthcare in a dystopian future. 

“I’ve always wanted to do work that makes people feel inspired,” says Pellino. “I love telling anthemic stories that are punchy, kinetic and energetic, creating worlds for my talent that don’t exist in reality. I’m comfortable traversing different categories and genres of work, because my end approach always comes from that fundamental style I have. I tend to gravitate towards projects that haven’t been attempted before — or maybe even those that scare the client a little. I’m all for the challenge of problem-solving, and collaborating with those who feel the same way.”

Reel 360 wishes Anthony the best of luck at ArtClass.