Dick’s busts a move with tWitch & Allison

(Allison Holker, tWitch)

It’s been a minute since we’ve bobbed our heads to Young MC’s Bust a Move. Actually, make those minutes hours, since the popular song was released in 1989. But that doesn’t make it bad. In fact, it makes it pretty dang good for Dick’s Sporting Goods’ exciting and funky new campaign for its exclusive family athletic and athleisure brand, DSG.

The new creative effort stars celebrity dance duo Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss (Ellen sidekick and cohost) & wife Allison Holker (So You Think You Can Dance) – who announced their partnership as the celebrity faces of the brand in April.

Created by Pittsburgh-based AOR Where Eagles Dare, the integrated effort is a :30 hero spot set to the popular Young MC cut that celebrates music and movement for all.

In the spot, tWitch & Allison, along with a diverse cast of characters, capture the spirit of the brand by busting a move in their own way and sharing their personal style while wearing DSG apparel. Watch below:

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“The concept started with the idea of tapping into the authentic energy of music, dance and movement that tWitch & Allison bring to their social platforms,” said Brian Franks, founder/ECD of Where Eagles Dare.

He adds, “It is fun and infectious. In the spot they become the MC’s of movement, inspiring everyone to bust a move in DSG. By using fluid transitions, we were able to pull that energy through a fun and diverse cast of people to celebrate movement and activity.”

The Reel 360 team are fans of tWitch & Allison. On their social media, their dances are fun, hypnotic and the two have genuine chemistry.

Elements of the new campaign include video cut downs (:30, :15s, :6s), social content, email marketing, web banners, in-store signage and photography. 


CLIENT: Dick’s Sporting Goods 

AGENCY: Where Eagles Dare

  • Founder/ECD: Brian Franks
  • Creative Director: Zam Cadden
  • Lead Designer: Sarah Karwoski
  • Director + Editor: Paul Trillo 
  • Photographer: Todd Cole 


  • Photo Production: Lisa Huyck
  • Stylist: Lauren knudsen
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Colin Costello is the West Coast Editor of Reel 360. Contact him at colin@reel360.com or follow him on Twitter at @colinthewriter1