“Danger” comes to New York City Comic Con


The Robinsons are coming back.

Lost in Space, the 2018 Netflix original adventure/sci-fi series that reimagined the classic if somewhat campy Irwin Allen show from the 1960s as well as taking many elements of the 1997 theatrical release, is set to premiere season 2 sometime later this year.

Netflix announced it will be staging a panel and exclusive first-look preview at New York Comic Con on Saturday, October 5, at the Javits Convention Center Main Stage. The panel is said to feature unspecified members of the cast and production team.

The 10-episode (and very pricey) series follows the adventures of the Robinson family: driven engineer/scientist Maureen (Molly Parker), her husband, US Navy Seal John (Toby Stephens), and their kids Judy (Taylor Russell), Penny (Mina Sundwall) and Will (Maxwell Jenkins), as they set out on a mission to colonize new planets for human habitation.

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Their mothership gets attacked by unknown aliens and survivors escape to an inhospitable planet to regroup. The Robinsons end up joined by a smuggler and pilot Don West (Ignacio Serricchino) and the very shady Doctor Smith (Parker Posey).

And of course, there is the Robot, this time re-conceived as an alien that Will meets in the pilot episode.

News of the panel will be welcome to those who invested in the tense first season, only to have the major story arcs pay off in a cliffhanger that sends the series off into an entirely new direction.

Hint: The Robinsons actually become lost in space.

Lost in Space returns later this year.

Can. Not. Wait.

Source: Forbes