Credit Karma is back with a group of hilarious spots


That is an image of an earthworm you’re looking at. An excited earthworm, but still an earthworm.

Credit Karma, known for its quirky (that’s kind of an understatement) returns with surreal, to downright bizarre scenarios, via Oakland-based ad agency, Funworks. Directed by Hungry Man’s Dave Laden, the new campaign successfully continues to show how it can de-stress the credit card application process.

Applying for a credit card can be stressful, especially if you’re not sure how likely you are to be approved. I just filled out one, believe me, it’s stressful.

San Francisco-based Credit Karma is of course the leading personal finance technology company in North America that helps consumers understand their likelihood of approval for financial products. Funworks brings this to life with a fun, sometimes surreal new campaign, “Know Your Odds.”

Using humor that ranges from gross (party goers hurling) to just bizarre (being reincarnated as an earth worm), each spot discusses the odds of having a good outcome in a situation that most assuredly will go south. But we are assured that the chances of approval for a great credit card is much better when using Credit Karma.

For instance, what are the odds of a 50-something businessman, with a dad bod and jokes, killing it at the skate park and, well, not himself? Not very good. YOLO.

Funworks developed “Know Your Odds” as a follow-up to its “Max Your Tax Karma” work for the client that ran during the Super Bowl. It was born of the agency’s improv-inspired process that champions open conversation and collaboration (sometimes involving a few target consumers) toward quickly generating engaging concepts, strategies and content. Open to this effective methodology, Credit Karma proved to be an ideal partner for this new approach.

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“When we conceptualized the campaign, we realized that there are all of these negative emotions that come with credit cards – not necessarily with spending, but with approvals,” says agency creative chief Craig Mangan. What Magan talks about can seen with a middle-aged couple more interested in toys rather than sex. And believe me in this case the former does not lead to the latter!

Mangan added, “When you get denied for a credit card, it makes you feel down. We really latched onto that emotional truth and focused on the idea that if Credit Karma can help people know their odds of being approved for a credit card, they’ll feel better about themselves.”

Here, we are reminded that online meds for ear-hair combover may not be successful.

If you’re a fan of gross-out humor then today is your lucky day. Here, we visit the worst potluck dinner. Ever.

And finally there is this – the source of our cover photo. The unluckiest guy ever:

“We understand managing your finances can be confusing. With this campaign, we hope to break down the barriers associated with applying for financial products and show consumers what’s possible — in this case, with a little humor,” said Dana Marineau VP of Brand, Creative and Communications. “‘Know Your Odds’ is our next step in demonstrating the value we provide to our members, beyond free credit scores.”

“Know Your Odds,” began airing on broadcast and online September 17th and includes :30 spots (Miracle Hair, Pool Skate, Marriage and Potluck) as well as :15s (Worm and Fight Clone) and a complementary social campaign.

I’ve never heard of Funworks before, but the work they deliver is right in my humor zone. The Credit Karma campaign is funny, bordering on hilarious and crafts a provocative and targeted message that should reach its audience. In other words, me likey.

Client – Credit Karma
   Vice President, Brand, Creative and Communications: Dana Marineau
   Creative Director: Rus Chao
   Creative Strategist: Kaitlyn Tierney

Agency: Funworks
   CEO: Paul Charney
   CCO: Craig Mangan
   Creative Directors: Quentin Shuldiner, Roz Romney
   Senior Producer: Felicia Glover
   Head of Strategy: Kenny White
   Senior Creative Strategist: Alison Michael
   Creative Strategist: Ray Hobbs

Prod Co: Hungry Man
   Director: Dave Laden
   DOP: Mateo Londono
   Producer: Caleb Dewart

Editorial: The Cabinet
   Editor: Doug Cox
   Producer: Jim Vaughn

VFX Studio: The Mill
   VFX Artist: Steve Cokonis, Michael Comly
   Producer: Marcus Speaker

Color: The Mill
   Colorist: Adam Scott

Music & Sound: One Union Recording Studio

Source: Funworks

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