Cloud21 & Kultura’s virtual Showcase: Cannes 2020


Cloud21 International and Kultura PR International  co-presented the third annual “Global Entertainment Showcase: Cannes 2020” on June 24, 2020, virtually, during this year’s Online Marché du Film.  The ZOOM event featured panelists Threshold Entertainment Group CEO Larry Kasanoff (producer Mortal Kombat, Terminator 2), Roskino CEO Evgenia Markova and E! founder | Metan Global Entertainment Group President/CEO Larry Namer, with award-winning filmmaker Sue Vicory as moderator.

“Thanks to the Cloud 21 and Kultura PR International team for such an exceptional event! You demonstrate that our industry is still alive and kicking despite all the current economic gloom,” comments Elena Palmer, Ph.D., international correspondent,  ISVESTIA. “It was the right event at the perfect timing. The level of esteemed speakers, their passion, honesty and authenticity was quite impressive. This was a rare and exclusive opportunity to learn from experts how to survive during the crisis. It was also great to hear industry professionals, offering real-time insights on the current business climate, industry trends and sharing their successful strategies, such as the Russian On-line Film Market, created and organized by Roskino CEO Evgenia Markova.”

The  recorded hour long event is available for viewing here: 

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Highlights included: 

Evgenia Markova on the Russian film industry. “We are really a young industry, which is going abroad now… but we’re very rapidly growing and bringing some projects which are relevant to global audiences. Russian products are now basically sold to over 150 countries abroad, which is much more than four years ago, when it was 20.”

Larry Kasanoff, who currently has three co-productions with India. “India is a phenomenal industry. It’s way bigger than our’s…. Movie stars there are revered, so is the opportunity to make great stories, and locations and talent…. These are not Indian movie stars, they are global movie stars.”

Larry Namer on post-pandemic movie-going.“This ‘going to the movies’ – I think that is going to suffer. You are really going to look at major changes to the exhibition business.”

“We’ re extremely pleased with the results of  the virtual edition of our annual Global Entertainment Showcase series that we have produced over the past several years, partnering with Roskino and the Russian Pavilion during the Cannes Film Festival,” says  Nicole Goesseringer Muj, founder Kultura PR International. 

“We had an amazing turnout to our first ever virtual Global Entertainment Showcase, and plan to produce more during these unstable times,” adds Gotham Chandna, founder Cloud 21 International . “Based on the initial feedback we’re receiving, our event was truly groundbreaking, due to our high level panel of executives, Evgenia Markova, Larry Kasanoff and Larry Namer, and our star moderator Sue Vicory.”

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