CARTWRIGHT: Debuts new brand campaign for YouTube

(Cartwright’s first work for YouTube TV)

In a hilarious new ad campaign for YouTube TV, agency CARTWRIGHT shows how easy it is to watch live TV on your own schedule – not the television broadcast schedule – as seen through the lens of Emily, an NBA superfan. 

“We all know that person who can’t stand to miss a minute of a live event, and saw that as a way to demonstrate the revolutionary way that YouTube TV is changing that live experience to one that you control,” explained Keith Cartwright, Chief Creative Officer of CARTWRIGHT.

Launched during the NBA Finals, the new creative calls out the many benefits of the YouTube live television platform including real-time highlights, game alerts, and seamless TV experiences.

The versatility of the platform is revealed through Emily’s personal game-watching experience and the lengths she previously had to go to to watch every minute so as not to miss a big play. 

Before YouTube TV, Emily had to resort to evasive maneuvers to watch the NBA Finals, including locking herself in the bathroom while her friends gathered to celebrate her birthday.

But with YouTube TV, if she misses a quarter because she has to blow out the birthday candles, she can catch up to the live stream with Key Plays, a feature that shows highlights of the game action she missed before continuing to watch live. Watch the creative from CARTWRIGHT below:

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“We’re not just saying it’s so easy your Grandmother could do it, we are showing through Emily how an individual can take control of how and when they watch live events with the same excitement and real-time thrills of the live moment,” Cartwright added.

The YouTube TV campaign from CARTWRIGHT will air on the NBA Finals, on television networks, and on digital platforms.