Cannes Lions: Vice Media Group wins two Grand Prix

(One of Vice’s Grand Prix winners)

Virtue Worldwide’s Backup Ukraine has won the prestigious Grand Prix in the Digital Craft category at Cannes Lions, while VICE World News’ Unfiltered History Tour has won the Radio & Audio Grand Prix as well as a Gold in the Digital Craft category.

Virtue Worldwide and VICE World News are part of Vice Media Group.

Virtue’s Backup Ukraine, in partnership with The Danish UNESCO National Commission, Blue Shield Denmark and Polycam, enables Ukrainian civilians to digitally preserve cultural heritage sites by scanning and uploading digital renderings of important architecture, statues and monuments. The visual data is saved into the cloud and can be used for reconstruction in the future.

VICE World News’ Unfiltered History Tour is a multimedia campaign that takes viewers and listeners into the history of disputed artefacts in the British Museum via augmented reality and immersive audio. The unofficial guide, conceived in collaboration with Dentsu Webchutney, allows users to scan objects including the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Marbles and Benin Bronzes to unlock the story of how these items were taken from their original sites, and is accompanied by a 10-episode podcast.

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Chris Garbutt, Chief Creative Officer at VICE Media Group and co-president at Virtue said, “History has shown how devastating and far-reaching military conflict can be – touching all aspects of human life and the long-lasting impact it can have on culture. It is something that, as a global media group, we have been acutely aware of and have worked hard to provide a platform for the experiences of those living through the war – whether that is via our news coverage on TikTok or through an initiative like Backup Ukraine. This campaign was never about winning awards, but we hope that in doing so, more people will see it, and more of Ukraine can be saved for future generations.”

Jesse Angelo, President Global News & Entertainment, VICE Media Group added, “VICE World News is the largest global news brand for young people, engaging with our audience across a range of platforms and providing viewers with innovative and groundbreaking content. The Unfiltered History Tour is a prime example of what we are striving to achieve – providing unique and insightful stories from a diverse range of authentic voices on a topic that young people are passionate about. The campaign’s multimedia, immersive experience ensured that it had maximum impact amongst that audience. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved with our partners at Dentsu Webchutney.”

In addition, VICE’s The Unfiltered History Tour won a Silver Lion for the ‘Media/Entertainment’ category and Bronze Lions for the ‘Audio Led Creativity’ and ‘Cultural Insight’ categories yesterday. It has been shortlisted for a total of 14 awards so far this week including a coveted Titanium alongside VIRTUE Worldwide’s Backup Ukraine, with the winner to be announced on Friday.

Backup Ukraine has been shortlisted in 10 awards across three categories to date including ‘Mobile’, ‘Digital Craft’ and ‘Brand Experience & Activation’.

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