Burger King becomes ‘BOOOger King’ w/ ghost taste test


Just in time for Halloween, Burger King has decided to venture into the spirit world.

The Miami-based QSR brand even went as far as to enlist famed medium and trance-channeler, Riz Mirza, to help bring attention to the Ghost Whopper.

Sitting with a group of three at a table at the haunted Alexandria Hotel, Mirza took a series of people through a fast food séance, where he let spirits take over his body so they could taste Burger King’s Ghost Whopper, a limited-edition burger with a ghostly white cheddar bun.

In the video, Mirza is seen at a table with people who agreed to take part in the experiment, then asking the spirits to eat a burger through him, then ask what those spirits thought of the burger.

When the master medium invited the haunted hotel’s spirits into his body, the souls from the other side of the veil were able to taste the 100% flame-grilled beef and freshly-cut tomatoes and onion in the Ghost Whopper sandwich.

In the brief moments they were on Earth, the spirits gave their own review. “It’s beyond belief to experience this taste,” said one of the spirits. Another one affirmed, “It’s filth!” Others just didn’t know what they were holding in their hands because they’ve never seen a hamburger in their lifetime. Watch below:

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“It was interesting to see what we could learn from the spirits,” said one of the participating guests. “It’s all b***s***,” a skeptic in the group added. “However, whether we believe the medium truly helped the Burger King brand feed a sandwich to spirits or not, at least we know someone… or something approved the taste of the Ghost Whopper sandwich.”

The Ghost Whopper ‘Spirit Taste Test’ thus made the burger the first to be approved by 11 out of 10 spirits. It’s available for a limited time in select cities.