Ally Financial teams with Anomaly for lyrical campaign


Ally Financial has dropped a new multimedia campaign from its agency of record Anomaly that creates a better way to educate, demonstrating the power of getting smart about money by speaking to Gen Z and other audiences through a platform they understand: TikTok. 

As inflation and recession fears rise, the massive gap in financial education plaguing a solid portion of Americans grows increasingly evident. Financial intelligence can change lives, but schools still fail to teach it in a modern way that resonates with students – and stays with them into adulthood. 

Only 36% of Gen Zers said they had taken a class on a financial topic in an academic setting. However, among that group, many of them still had additional financial questions, according to the FINRA Foundation National Financial Capability Study (NFCS).

Most rap songs about money talk about spending money on cool cars, drip, and ‘ice’ – not saving it. The campaign, entitled “Ally Lyrically,” flips the script, making saving money cool too through a central anthem.

Charlie Curtis Beard – Since launching his account in March 2020, Charlie has seen success on Tiktok. He’s great at jumping on trends and brand collabs. He brings an element of pop-like fun to everything he does. He’s relatable and sweet, like the boy-next-door, and his songs always bring a smile. 

Money Coach Vince – is known for helping connect people to the financial know-how that works for their level—he has a mass appeal. He gives advice on all things money, from the basics, to investments, credit cards, and the rest. He’s dedicated to helping people build 5 figure savings so they can become financially free.

Tobi Lou – known for his quirky, creative, fantasy-land style—jumps on a track to bring financial education to the TikTok masses. He recently released an album Non-perishable, which rocked up to the #1 spot on Apple Music’s charts.

This effort takes a complicated topic – money – and makes it modern, approachable, and engaging, drawing hype ahead of the song drop and ultimately impacting lives for the better. The song is live today. Watch below:


“If there’s one thing that’s become clear over the course of the past two years, it’s that people learn through TikTok. With that context in mind, we grabbed creators from two opposite ends of the platform – the rap community and FinTok – to bring useful information in an unconventional way,” said Seth Jacobs, ECD at Anomaly. “Through the song, these creators put out an invitation for people to take control of their financial literacy and uplevel their journeys through enjoyable education.”


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AGENCY: Anomaly




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