Adults date better on Match app

(Match from Mojo Supermarket)

In a world that treats adult singles like leftovers, Match believes that everything that makes them “adult”—life experience, confidence, emotional maturity—is actually what makes them so damn attractive. While other dating apps romanticize young love, Match is changing the conversation, proclaiming that ‘Adults Date Better.’

The new brand platform created by Mojo Supermarket, clearly identifies an overlooked segment of the dating population and offers an alternative outlet to meet emotionally mature people with interesting life stories who are ready for something real. The strategic idea comes in part from research conducted by the agency on Reddit’s ‘Dating Over 30 column’ where users emphasized that dating as an adult sucks.

“With experience comes the knowledge and confidence that makes adult singles the most attractive daters out there — and it’s a segment of daters that has long been ignored,” said Ayesha Gilarde, CMO at Match. “We’re saying goodbye to the casual daters, the don’t know what they want-ers, and everything in between to celebrate singles who are confident, emotionally mature, and self-aware in their search for love.”

While we open with an “adult” couple on a date, we hear a VO say, “Everyone loves to talk about young love. But what about dating an emotionally mature, fully formed human? Someone who knows themselves, who they want, what they need. Someone who isn’t afraid to be honest and direct. Someone who shares their feelings and their food. We’ll just come out and say it: Adults Date Better.” Watch below:

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“This brand idea honestly changed the way I think,” said Mo Said, CCO of Mojo Supermarket, “I thought dating as an adult sounded like a nightmare. But… I know what I like. I know what I don’t like. I’m not trying to play it cool, and neither are they. This is the best time in my life to be dating (and to be alive)! I’m so glad there’s a brand that is willing to say that and cater to this group. The campaign resonated with me so much— I decided to do the voiceover myself.”

The new Match 360 campaign will come to life across film, out of home, radio, social, digital and influencer, in addition to in-app product features, UX innovations and a full-scale CRM campaign.

The work first launches in out-of-home boards in Brooklyn, NY which Match data reveals “over indexes” for the single adult dating marketplace. 

In addition to repositioning the iconic dating brand, Match and Mojo are also introducing new product features within the Match app. This includes a “ghostbusting” feature in the app that promotes accountability, helping daters close out conversations and not leave people hanging, and Matched by Us, which provides members with a customized match each week.

Adults Date Better follows a teaser campaign that launched in early July celebrating the return to dating by encouraging singles to ‘lick every stranger they can,’ and that when they are ready to get serious about dating, Match will be there.


CLIENT: Match 

AGENCY: Mojo Supermarket 


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