72andSunny, Adobe wants you to PDF “Like a boss”

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We’ve all known for years that so many c-suite decisions and agreements happen on somewhere in between the first hole and the 19th hole on a golf course.

Apparently, so does Adobe and AOR 72&Sunny. During the Golf Channel’s broadcast of AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, Adobe will debut an experiential TV spot to promote its Document Cloud.

72andSunny ideated the ‘PDF Like A Boss’ tagline, while in-house Adobe studios worked on the larger 30-second spot and accompanying campaign. Wavemaker worked on the experiential piece. According to The Drum it’s the first-ever native integration to use the green of a golf course.

Adobe vice-president of experience marketing Alex Amado, says the integration is a cross between a B2B campaign targeting boardroom executives and a B2C campaign aiming to educate everyday office workers about Adobe Document Cloud products Acrobat DC and Adobe Sign.

Here’s the way the spot will work, the ‘PDF Like A Boss’ logo will appear between match play. After the match leader board goes up, the camera will swing to a shot of the 18th hole showing the slogan while the broadcasters will namedrop Adobe as one of the tournament’s sponsors. Take a look below:

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“We’re targeting multiple levels of the potential buying audience, all the way down to office workers to boardroom executives, and we have different and hopefully relevant messages for different layers of those audiences,” Amado told The Drum. He added, “We also have aspects of this campaign that are really speaking to the individual knowledge worker and helping them get control of their documents and their approvals and processes that every day can slow people down.”

The spot can be seen across social channels and during other golf matches on NBC, which owns the Golf Channel.

Source: The Drum