72andSunny invites us to Grabst a Pabst

This makes the Reel 360 team not only want a beer, but a working man’s beer. Pabst, baby. While our new realities are forcing us to find new ways of socializing and being creative, there does seem to be a creative renaissance happening. Individuals are finding the joy in creating, using it to fuel positive change and even finding creative ways to bring people together.

In Pabst Blue Ribbon’s new integrated campaign and first work with creative agency, 72andSunny Los Angeles, the brand invites all to Grabst a Pabst! and find the sources of inspiration that fuel them.

Pabst and 72andSunny briefed 12 creators from a variety of disciplines ranging from graphic design to baking and even to interpretive dance, in order to create content that visually articulated specific lyrics from the brand’s playful, catchy jingle.  Watch below:

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The launch campaign is just the start – over the next 12 months, Pabst Blue Ribbon will continue its commitment to celebrating creativity, working with 1000 creatives that encompass the diversity of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s community.

The brand will invite bartenders, designers, animators, dancers, singers, directors and more to do what they do best, helping get its community back to work and those at home to get involved.  

Grabst a Pabst! is officially live on digital and social beginning today and will continue to roll out throughout the summer months. 

And believe us when we say we are ready to grabst a cold one.


CLIENT: Pabst Blue Ribbon

AGENCY: 72andSunny Los Angeles


MUSIC: Walker

SOURCE: 72andSunny