Cliff Freeman dead at 80

Advertising lost a comedic icon on September 5. Longtime advertising legend Cliff Freeman who coined such 80s terms as “Where’s the beef?” and was the voice for Little Caesars Pizza, “Pizza, Pizza” in countless commercials, quietly passed away in his Manhattan home. Freeman was 80. According to the New York Times, who reported Freeman’s passing, … Continue reading “Cliff Freeman dead at 80”

Watch ‘SNL’ spoof CBS Super Bowl Pre-game Show

Hello! “Hello! Welcome to the Super Bowl — four hours of television for 11 minutes of action,” SNL star Kenan Thompson said without breaking into a laugh as he kicked off the opening spoof of CBS Super Bowl pre-game show. The long-running NBC variety show opened up Saturday’s episode mocking the CBS Super Bowl pre-game … Continue reading “Watch ‘SNL’ spoof CBS Super Bowl Pre-game Show”

Gap’s Peck to step down as CEO

The Gap Board of Directors announced today that president and chief executive officer Art Peck will step down from his position and from the company‚Äôs Board. Peck will depart from the company after a brief transition. Effective immediately, Robert J. Fisher, the company’s current non-executive chairman of the Board, will also serve as president and … Continue reading “Gap’s Peck to step down as CEO”