Burnett’s “Van Gogh Bnb” wins Grand Prix at Cannes

(Cannes, France — 23 June 2117) It’s as if the advertising gods were sticking their collective tongues out at Publicis-Groupe’s President-CEO, Arthur Sadoun, as Burnett won the Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness at Cannes this year.

Van Gogh Bnb, which Burnett created for The Art Institute of Chicago, displayed immense impact, increasing the museum’s attendance by 133,000 and generating $2 million in revenue, all with just a $500,000 investment.

“Creative effectiveness is about impact,” said jury president Jonathan Mildenhall, CMO of Airbnb in Adweek.

Bagel Bites launch first major ad campaign

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Will COVID-19 slow down commercial productions?

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Mercado goes for terror in My Chemical Romance film

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