Whitehouse Post NY welcomes editor Jessica Mutascio

Boston-born Jessica Mutascio returns to America after spending a decade editing in Australia, most recently with The Editors in Sydney. Excited to extend her client base and take her work to a global level, Mutascio is thrilled to join the Whitehouse New York roster. “I was attracted to Whitehouse because of the amazing work they … Continue reading “Whitehouse Post NY welcomes editor Jessica Mutascio”

Warner Bros. reportedly loves ‘The Batman’ script

This is good news for The Batman fans. Maybe. It’s no secret that Warners Bros. has had a hard time getting the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) off the ground. What started promisingly with 2013’s Man of Steel has skydived into a veritable mess… save for 2017’s Wonder Woman. That mess was exacerbated two weeks ago, … Continue reading “Warner Bros. reportedly loves ‘The Batman’ script”

L’Oréal taps Amber Heard as global spokesperson

(Paris – 11 May 2018) Amber Heard, according to beauty brand L’Oreal, is worth it. Fearless, witty and smart, defying definition and rejecting convention, meet the Hollywood actress and committed woman making her voice heard. Heard has been tapped to become L’Oréal’s global spokesperson. “I have always loved the fun of beauty and the power … Continue reading “L’Oréal taps Amber Heard as global spokesperson”