Chicagoans shine at Golden Globes

Chicago-born Frances McDormand, Highland Park’s Rachel Brosnahan and Oprah Winfrey stood out in a sea of black dresses which symbolized the #Metoo #Timesup movements by women in Hollywood during the 75th Golden Globes. McDormand was named “Best Actress in a Drama” for her portrayal of a woman who demands justice in the excellent Three Billboards … Continue reading “Chicagoans shine at Golden Globes”

Yessian CD Andy Grush co-scores film with Danny Elfman

Former DDB CCO Bob Scarpelli once told me, “All good ideas eventually find a home.” That is certainly the case with the exciting two-year-old horror film, Before I Wake, which premiered on Netflix last Friday after playing overseas. Directed by Mike Flanagan (Gerald’s Game, Hush) the film stars Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane as foster … Continue reading “Yessian CD Andy Grush co-scores film with Danny Elfman”

How to fight sexism in the film industry

About one month ago, I wrote an editorial in response to the Weinstein scandal. I wrote about my personal experiences working in the film industry — and those of my peers — and discussed how those experiences are symptomatic of a culture wherein abusers like Weinstein have been allowed to thrive. This story is intended … Continue reading “How to fight sexism in the film industry”

Just a note to say… “Happy Birthday, Ruthie Lu!”

RuthieLu: Happy umm (39th) bday, my friend! Can’t believe we’re already here?!? You turning (__) just 5 days before I turn 45. I know you want me immediately to check out our Saggi horoscope at to see just what this auspicious month holds for us. From Dec. 9 onward, we’ll “seem happy to be … Continue reading “Just a note to say… “Happy Birthday, Ruthie Lu!””

Chicago filmmakers unleash “Super Narcoleptic” trailer

The trailer for Super Narcoleptic Girl has arrived. The highly anticipated, Chicago-made webseries “follows the story of a low-level, narcoleptic superhero with the power to make people dance as she struggles to save the day and stay awake,” according to a press release. Chicago Director Larry Ziegelman (Geek Lounge) helmed the series, which consists of … Continue reading “Chicago filmmakers unleash “Super Narcoleptic” trailer”

Is social media ruining your work life?

Okay, you’re sitting (or hopefully standing, it’s healthier) behind your desk at work, waiting and hoping for someone to like or comment on the hilarious video you posted this morning. You’ve looked at your phone at least 100 times since getting to work ten minutes ago. The more time that passes, the more anxious you … Continue reading “Is social media ruining your work life?”

Daily Planet ‘Hit the Ice’ with the Blackhawks

For the duration of the Chicago Blackhawk’s 2017/2018 season, Daily Planet’s Hit The Ice video will electrify fans at the Madhouse on Madison. It begins right before the players enter the rink, when the lights are dimmed and the attention of 22,000 fans is drawn to the four-paneled, 360-degree video scoreboard that hangs above center … Continue reading “Daily Planet ‘Hit the Ice’ with the Blackhawks”

Was there a rogue phallus in “Maya the Bee”?

Last month, Netflix was forced to remove an episode of the popular animated children’s series Maya the Bee after a viewing mom posted a screen grab on Facebook that allegedly depicted a crude phallic drawing on the inside of a log during a scene in the show. Consumer opinions seem mixed about how offensive and … Continue reading “Was there a rogue phallus in “Maya the Bee”?”

Cutters, The Mill, The After Party in the news

Cutters Detroit promotes Grosjean Executive Producer Mary Connolly and Managing Director Kurt Kulas announced last week that Cutters Studios Detroit office has promoted Justin Grosjean to editor. Grosjean first joined the company four years ago as an intern. However, he was already in the global spotlight for creative production. In 2012, Justin and his twin … Continue reading “Cutters, The Mill, The After Party in the news”

‘Groundhog Day for a Black Man’ wows fest crowd

With more than 4,200 submissions, the 12th annual NBCUniversal Short Film Festival announced the winners from a group of nine finalists during the grand finale gala at the Director’s Guild in Los Angeles. The competition, which occurred Wednesday night, was stiff as the nine short films and web series presented were amazingly crafted and thoughtful … Continue reading “‘Groundhog Day for a Black Man’ wows fest crowd”

Chicago producer’s take on the Weinstein scandal

As a young woman working in the film industry, I can’t say the Weinstein scandal surprised me. Instead, I’m experiencing the routine bittersweet cocktail of emotions I get every time a story of sexism and rape culture makes the news. I’m sad for the women who were abused and sadder still to think about the … Continue reading “Chicago producer’s take on the Weinstein scandal”

YMCA dives back into the community with new campaign from Droga5

I love the Y. When I used to live in Barrington IL, most mornings — except the god-awful ones that started at 80 below — began with a 5:30 AM trip to the YMCA, which was right down the street from my house. My daughter Max, was on the Y’s gymnastics team all through elementary … Continue reading “YMCA dives back into the community with new campaign from Droga5”

Kargo, Tronc, The Avengers, Radio Hall of Fame in news

Kargo seeks to reduce damages awarded to former employee

Arguing that a New York Labor law should not apply to a Chicago resident, mobile ad shop Kargo filed a motion last Friday to reduce the $40 million awarded to former employee Alexis Berger by $36.5 million.

Berger was the former SVP of Sales for the Midwest and West Coast for Kargo when she filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) claim in spring 2016. Prior to her late-July termination, she was the agency’s highest paid employee and managed approximately 30 employees.

Sam Jackson sings, Bears go red, Kirk leaves Sun-Times

I’ve been meaning to write about this for the last couple of weeks since I saw it, but finally got around to it. Have you seen the new Sam Jackson spot for Capital One and Spotify?

If you haven’t, it’s just a fun little piece where Sam puts the moves to Al Green’s classic song, “Let’s Stay Together.” As Jackson croons, Capital One announces that with the Quicksilver Card clients can receive 1.5 percent cashback on every purchase and 50 percent back on Spotify Premium.