Why “Cancel Culture” is disguised as Accountability

Ostracism is when someone is forced out of professional and social circles, aka Cancel Culture. What is Cancel Culture exactly? When a person does something degrading, offensive, racist, sexist, dehumanizing, and we remove them from a position, role, or status. So, what we are actually referring to is, ACCOUNTABILITY. You know, being held responsible for … Continue reading “Why “Cancel Culture” is disguised as Accountability”

2020 in Review: The shows that entertained us

What a YEAR it was – from saying that 2020 was gonna be OUR year. Knock Knock? Joke’s on us, it was the year of the 2020 Pandemic. We were at home couch-searching for toilet paper, anti-bacterial spray, and food supplies for approximately 10 months and counting… Among some of the most random ways we … Continue reading “2020 in Review: The shows that entertained us”

Tom Holland releases first ‘Spidey-3’ pics in mask(s)

After several delays due to the coronavirus pandemic Spider-Man 3 has finally gotten underway in Atlanta. Now, star Tom Holland has shared his first photo costumed up as the webslinger on his Instagram account. The post doesn’t reveal too much but it does show that Peter Parker is back in action and wearing his Spider-Man: Far From … Continue reading “Tom Holland releases first ‘Spidey-3’ pics in mask(s)”

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli sentenced

Lori Laughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have taken plea deals for their participation in the infamous college admission scandal, now known as Varsity Blues . The actress is set to serve 2 months in prison while her clothing designer husband has been sentenced to 5 months. The Full House star addressed U.S. District Court … Continue reading “Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli sentenced”

Waiting For the Barbarians, timely but more of the same

Waiting For The Barbarians shows its thematic hand early. There will be, in actuality, very little waiting before the irony at the crux of its story is revealed: that the truly barbaric has and will continue to masquerade under the guise of order and civility. It’s a powerful theme, but the execution of its story … Continue reading “Waiting For the Barbarians, timely but more of the same”

Amber Heard’s legal team pulls out

It’s never a good sign when your legal team withdraws from your case. And that is the situation with Aquaman co-star Amber Heard. Just ahead of her upcoming libel trial (which could potentially lead to incarceration) with ex-hubby, Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp, Heard and her team, led by prominent … Continue reading “Amber Heard’s legal team pulls out”

‘Aquaman’s Amber Heard could face 3 years if guilty

It has not been a good week for Warner Bros and its upcoming DC Universe films. Monday, a video of The Flash movie star Ezra Miller choking a female fan to the ground and having to be pulled off, made the rounds and puts into question if the star of the Fantastic Beasts franchise and … Continue reading “‘Aquaman’s Amber Heard could face 3 years if guilty”

Ridley Scott returns to advertising after 15 years

“I think advertising has realized after 30 years it must shift back to entertainment”   Ridley Scott returns to advertising to direct his first commercial in over 15 years for the world’s best-selling cognac, Hennessy. Scott partners with Hennessy for a series of groundbreaking commercials for the Hennessy X.O cognac, which will premiere globally in … Continue reading “Ridley Scott returns to advertising after 15 years”