Classic battle: “Empire Strikes Back” v “Infinity War”

(Editor’s Note: This is a repost from LA Screenwriter.) (Minor spoilers ahead.) I finally got the chance to see Avengers: Infinity War on Mother’s Day – it was part of my gift from my husband. Go see a movie while I watch the baby. (If you’re a parent, you get what an amazing gift that … Continue reading “Classic battle: “Empire Strikes Back” v “Infinity War””

“Infinity War”: New website tells you if Thanos killed you. Or not.

Who said intergalactic despot Thanos only inspired death and destruction? A brand-spanking new website says the Mad Titan also inspires creation. Well, sort of. By now, unless you’re living on Titan (Thanos’ home planet), you are aware of his plan to wipe out half of the galaxy’s life. But, the real question is not whether … Continue reading ““Infinity War”: New website tells you if Thanos killed you. Or not.”

“Black Panther,” “Stranger Things” dominate MTV Movie & TV Award noms

Wakanda! It’s official, Black Panther is king. At least for now. As the Marvel epic begins its awards run (it will get nominated for Best Picture in 2019 heard it here first), there is no better place to start than the fun and always spontaneous MTV Movie and TV Awards. Noms for this year were … Continue reading ““Black Panther,” “Stranger Things” dominate MTV Movie & TV Award noms”

“Ant-Man and The Wasp”: Marvel drops new trailer

If you’re a geek, Marvel is the gift that just keeps on giving and giving. We haven’t even caught our breath from the shocking ending of the behemoth movie event known as Avengers: Infinity Wars and Marvel goes ahead and releases a fun, new trailer for the next MCU adventure, the upcoming Ant-Man and The … Continue reading ““Ant-Man and The Wasp”: Marvel drops new trailer”

“Infinity War” sets new weekend B.O. record & more

In Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, intergalatic despot Thanos, otherwise known as the “Mad Titan,” hurls a moon at Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. The same can be said about Disney and Marvel as the behemoth event, also known as a film, did the same to the weekend box office. The epic story, ten years in … Continue reading ““Infinity War” sets new weekend B.O. record & more”

MullenLowe, NFL, Johnson, Elizabeth in the news

MullenLowe L.A. wins Whole Foods According to Ad Age, Amazon finally finished shopping for a new creative agency for its newly acquired Whole Foods Market. The report says, the Austin, Texas-based grocery chain has chosen MullenLowe L.A., as its CAOR after a review. The review, which was run by SRI, began in late June. After … Continue reading “MullenLowe, NFL, Johnson, Elizabeth in the news”

Sarofsky’s design innovation continues to Marvel

Since early May, the Marvel Studios’ blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has taken movie theaters by storm.

With the return of Peter Quill, Rocket, Baby Groot, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and friends to the big screen thanks to screenwriter, director and producer James Gunn, fans of great design worldwide have seized the opportunities to see the talents of Sarofsky — the Chicago-based, design driven production company — shine.

Former Arc AD’s portraits help kids battle cancer

Marvel has The Avengers. DC has The Justice League. And now internationally recognized photographer and former art director Rob Gregory has turned a group of child cancer patients into what we already knew they were.


Gregory has created a series of portraits, featuring children from the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, dressed as superheroes and has dubbed them, Tiny Titans.