Social Media Pays Tribute to Ruth Ratny

Ruth L Ratny (Charles Osgood / Chicago Tribune)

Tributes poured in on Reel Chicago’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as other social media pages, as word spread around the city that they had lost their beloved film and advertising herald.

From advertising creatives to production companies to post houses, Ruth Ratny’s articles touched the lives of many and will forever hold meaning for them.


These are a few:

“Ruth was always a big supporter of mine – through good times and bad in the industry. I will miss her deeply.”

-Vivian Craig

“Ruth was a true Chicago icon, she was a trailblazer for every woman to have made it in our industry. She was admired, revered, and of course, even feared. She is already deeply missed, and indeed irreplaceable.”

-Tom Duff

Since we heard the news yesterday, many of us have been fondly sharing stories of the first Ruth Ratny article she wrote about so many of us. CRC will miss her immensely.

-Chicago Recording Company

“Ruth is a legend. We are so grateful for her efforts supporting our film festival and this filmmaking community tirelessly. Ruth will be missed but never forgotten.”

-Mike McNamara

She taught me how to write fast and well, two skills that have carried me through the past 20 years. She’s also provided enough crazy stories to be the inspiration for a major character in a novel that i have 3/4 perfect and 1/4 left to rewrite.

-Carl Kozlowski

“When CAFM became a nonprofit group in 2011, Ruth was excited about what we were doing for film actors, and we are grateful for her generous coverage in REELChicago. Her ongoing passion and enthusiasm for Chicago’s production industry was, and remains, inspiring.”

-Steve Scholz, Board Emeritus,Chicago Acting In Film Meetup NFP (CAFM)

“An icon in this industry we all know and love. Always there to be supportive. We’ll miss you Ruth!!! Thanks for your friendship you were so generous with through the years.”

-Anthony Izzo

Graphic by Cutters Studios“With the passing of Ruth this week, the burgeoning Chicago film community lost one of its strongest advocates. This gracious and talented lady left her mark on the film scene with her tireless promotion of the timely happenings along with all that was good in film and media production here.”

-Joe Orlandino

“We love you Ruthie, oh yes we do.”

-Joy Wellington Tillis

“I will miss her so much. But heaven has a great journalist who knows all about the film industry.”

-Tom Rovak


“My heart is broken. Loved her. So down to earth. So approachable. So supportive. God rest her soul.

-Drew Turner

Our condolences to the team at Ruth was a cornerstone of the community and will truly be missed by all.

-Screen Magazine

“There will never be another Ruth L Ratny. Just a few weeks ago, when I checked in with her she was, as always, tirelessly hammering away on the keyboard. She never slowed down. Such an incredible work ethic.”

-Veronica Hinke

Photo by Elizabeth Morris

“Ruth is a legend, we thank her for her continued support of this festival and this community. She will be dearly missed but never forgotten.”

-Midwest Indie Film Fest

“Her contributions to the film community will be deeply missed.”

-Siskel Film Center

“If you really wanted to know who’s who and what’s what in the film and agency community in Chicago, of course you went to Ruth.”

-Bob Scarpelli

“I never got a ‘no’ from Ruth, she always wanted to help. She would even offer her office to me, anytime I wanted!”

-Linda Frothingham

“Screen was the Bible of the Chicago film industry, and Ruth was, well, Ruth was Ruth.”

-Scott Jacobs.

Ruth was the queen of all media in Chicago — film, television and advertising — for nearly 40 years. I’ll miss her… as will hundreds of others. RIP.

-Tom Weinberg

“OH NO Thank you for everything @ReelRuth! So great about my projects the moment I landed in Chicago til the month I moved away.”

-Xan Aranda

“Ruth was a close friend and an incredible cheerleader for the Chicago Film community. Thank you Ruth. Rest in peace.”

-Angie Gaffney

“It is with a heavy heart that the entire team at Richter Studios extends a fond farewell to Ruth Ratny.”

-Richter Studios

Ruth Ratny at WGN Studios“Thank you Ruth for all you’ve done for the Chicago film and advertising communities.”


“Chicago has lost another legend. Ruth was truly supportive of the Chicago Latino Film Festival. She will be sorely missed.”

-International Latino Cultural Center


“As a proud member of the Chicago film community we celebrate the life of chronicler, champion, and icon of the Chicago film industry, Ruth L Ratny, founder and editor of”

-Ver Camera

“Sorry to hear this. True star of Chicago”

-Judie Tallman

“She shared so many fascinating stories with me, I will always have mad respect for this talented and amazing woman!”

-Elizabeth A. Morris

Thanks for the memories, my friend. Love & Peace be with you, always from our hearts.

-Dan Page

When I took over managing Reel Chicago’s Twitter account for Ruth, we would have daily conversations about her reaching 1,500 followers – we started at 700-something. I would explain to Ruth that organic growth took time. On the day of her passing, Reel Chicago reached 1,500 Twitter followers. And now stands at 1503. I am sure with her watching, the real number is 1504.

LA-Based Colin Costello writes for film, TV, advertising and of course, Reel Chicago. He can be reached at