We Are Unlimited is among most awarded agencies in Chicago


Congrats are in order for Chicago’s We Are Unlimited.

After opening 18 months ago, the Omnicom agency is among the most awarded creative agencies in Chicago.

We Are Unlimited has placed at every major award show and has been recognized for creating some of the best work in the industry. The agency has received more than 30 different accolades during the 2018 award season alone. Most recently, the agency won an impressive six Lions at Cannes, one of which was a Gold. This is a 600% increase in Lions for We Are Unlimited, which won just one Lion last year and is still an impressive accomplishment for an agency that was only six months old at the time.

This year We Are Unlimited also scored big at their first D&AD show, which is considered the other toughest international award show besides Cannes.

The agency took home six pencils which culminated in We Are Unlimited being ranked as one of the top ten agencies in the world, and ahead of prestigious shops such as Droga5, Grey, TBWA, and FCB.

Locally, We Are Unlimited’s work has received top honors at The Addy’s which are first judged at a Chicago level and then at a national level. In the local round, We Are Unlimited won nine awards, the most of any Chicago agency, which includes heavy hitters like Ogilvy and Leo Burnett. At the National Addy’s, We Are Unlimited was the only Chicago agency to advance to the national round and won a Gold and two Silver trophies.

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By design, We Are Unlimited eliminates the roadblocks a traditional agency model poses to the creative ideation process. This new freedom has unlocked new ways of thinking, which has led to new ways of working, and ultimately resulted in creative excellence. And this new agency model has led We Are Unlimited to become one of the most awarded agencies in less than two years in, having received top honors for numerous campaigns that leveraged a range of creative channels.

We Are Unlimited’s ability to ideate, create and launch any asset, whether it’s a Tweet, a tray-liner, or a TV spot, demonstrates that the agency’s model is unlike any other and truly the Agency of the Future. While the mounting accolades the agency has been awarded for executing integrated campaigns and innovative ideas is proof that We Are Unlimited is built to deliver best in class creativity.

Below is a list of accolades We Are Unlimited has won in the last six months:

2018 Cannes Lions:
Brand Experience & Activation
Bronze: We Are Unlimited “McDonald’s, “The Flip” | Live B2C Brand Experience
Bronze: We Are Unlimited | McDonald’s, “The Flip” | Special Editions & Promotional Packaging
Silver: We Are Unlimited | McDonald’s, “The Flip” | Special Build
Bronze: We Are Unlimited | McDonald’s, “The Flip” | Displays
Gold: We Are Unlimited | McDonald’s, “The Flip” | Corporate Social Responsibility
Bronze: We Are Unlimited | McDonald’s, “The Flip” | Use of Events & Stunts

2018 D&AD:
Yellow Pencil | “The Flip” | Branding- Logos
Yellow Pencil | “The Flip” | Branding- Brand Experience & Environments
Yellow | “The Flip” | Branding- Campaign Branding & Identity
Graphite | “The Flip” | Graphic Design – Point of Sale
Graphite | “The Flip” | Media- Use of Retail
Wood | “The Flip”- Media | Use of PR

One Show:
Bronze | We Are Unlimited | Branded Entertainment, User-Generated Content: Szechuan Sauce Returns for McDonald’s Corporation
Merit | We Are Unlimited | Direct Marketing, Social Media & Viral Marketing – Campaign: Search for McDonald’s Corporation
Merit | We Are Unlimited | Public Relations, Integrated Campaign: Search for McDonald’s Corporation

Chicago Addy Awards:
Best of Category – Online/Interactive | “Search”
Gold | “Grandma has a life” | Integrated Advertising Campaign
Gold | “Search Online/Interactive” | Advertising and Promotion Campaign
Silver | “Search National Platform” | Integrated Advertising Campaign – Regional/National Consumer
Silver | “Holiday Fries We share/ BFF” | Branded Content Entertainment – Non Broadcast
Silver | “Grandma Has a Life Sunday Dinner” | Regional/National TV Commercial
Silver | “McCafe Nothing Comes Before Coffee-Film” | Regional/National TV Commercial Campaign
Silver | “Grandma Has a Life Social Media” | Social Media, Campaign
Silver | “Holiday Fries We Share Social” | Social Media, Campaign

National Addy Awards:
Gold | “Grandma Has A Life Social Media” | Social Media, Campaign
Silver | “Search” | Campaign Online Interactive
Silver | “Grandma Has a Life-Integrated” | Integrated Advertising Campaign – Regional/National – Consumer

Source: We Are Unlimited