New creative to get your week going from Tiffany’s & more


For your viewing pleasure, here’s a collection of inspiring creative spots and trailers from around the country that got Reel360’s attention.

Agency: Tiffany’s, New York

Wow. From director Francis Lawrence (The Hunger Games) comes this beautiful Tiffany & Co. spot featuring raps from A$AP Ferg and starring Elle Fanning. Fanning, while singing an updated version of the Breakfast at Tiffany’s classic song “Moon River” dances in Manhattan streets as the living embodiment of the Statue of Liberty. From there, it all goes bananas. People abandon their job posts and joinFanning. Lawrence is careful to capture close-ups of the Tiffany & Co. ring worn by the actress, several pairs of earrings, and even a stackable bracelet set.

It follows the kick-off of the legacy jewelry brand’s “Believe in Dreams” campaign and chief artistic officer Reed Krakoff’s first collection, Tiffany Paper Flowers. The retailer has also announced a partnership with Spotify to release the song as well.

Agency: We Are Unlimited, Chicago

McDonald’s introduces their new 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers. Now I’m a Quarter-Pounder with Cheese fan, so I’m curious how good they are. Apparently, the fast food giant says, they’re so good, they’ll leave people speechless. Like Charles Barkley here. Or John Goodman. Or Gabrielle Union. Challenge accepted McDonald’s. Challenge accepted.

Dos Equis
Agency: Droga5, New York

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Droga5 dropped this fun, new spot featuring Funny or Die and comedian/actor and profanity guru Blake Anderson (known for roles in Workaholics and Game Over, Man!) for a pair of ads promoting Dos Equis. which trade in intentionally over-the-top humor.

The longer of the two spots centers around a goofy Cinco Equis theme song, informing viewers that it’s the “the same beer, but with more equis pulled from the equis mines of Alaska.” In case you’re struggling with the math, that adds up to “cinco more equis than any other beer.”

Agency: The Richards Group, Dallas

These ribs sure do make me hungry. The rap track from Chicago’s Earhole music really kicks ass, though.

“Teen Titans Go!” Trailer
Studio: Warner Bros

“Book Club” Trailer
Studio: Paramount

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