Multi-talented Jin’s comedy sitcom premieres Jan. 22

Filmmaker Meiling Jin

THE FIRST SEASON of “Chop Chop TV Show,” a comedy sitcom with a realty show feel, created and produced by Meiling Jin of Studio Meiling Productions in the South Loop, is now seen on Comcast, Xfinity, Wow and RCN broadcast systems Ch. 25 at 11 p.m. through March 9.

The series of 13 22-minute episodes, explores two Asian Millennials, Jin and DePaul student Ivy Li, navigating love, careers and the complexities of life in Chicago.

China-born Jin, a Columbia College graduate, began a journalism career covering the Chicago scene for Chinese television. She is also a model, actress and producer. She poked fun of herself by making her “Chop, Chop” character an “insane lesbian” and “wannabe journalist.”

Chop Chop” stars Shoghi Aqdas, Meiling Jin, Ivy Li and Victoria M NgThe HD production, with an estimated budget of $750,000, began in September, 2015 and wrapped four months later. Fifty-five diverse actors, a rotating crew of four interns and Ra Bao on multi-cameras, shot at downtown and South Loop location.

Jin and Ra Bao produced and Jin also handled editing and post. Music by Phyrnna with Evan Sitt as audio consultant.

Watch the trailer here.

TRIBECA FLASHPOINT IS HOSTING the IFP Chicago screening of the 2017 Spirit Awards nominees for Best Feature, starting Jan. 18, through Feb. 8 at 6 p.m.

First up is the gonzo buddy comedy, “Swiss Army Man,” from music video directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan, collectively known as “Daniels.”

At 28 N. Clark; IFP members are welcome to two tickets, for themselves and a guest. See the complete screening schedule here.

FILMMAKER JOHN WESLEY NORTON of Boomstick Films of Maple Park, Ill., will host an 8-film series representing his decade of work as an independent filmmaker, starting Friday, Feb. 3 at the Patio Theatre.

First up is the 2015 thriller “Spades,” which like the other films in the series, features several Hollywood icons and B actors, such as Alex Skuby (“King of Queens”) and Juan Riedinger (“Smallville”).”

The 2009 comedy video, “Michael Morlock’s Supernatural World,” is also on the inaugural program.

At 6008 W. Irving Park Road through Feb. 17. See the entire schedule and buy your tickets, $10, here

THE PILOT EPISODE of the 7-episode, 20-25-minute series, “The Girls and Rodney,” written, produced, directed and edited by Lawrence Lee Wallace of Deep Productions Studio in East Pilsen, is now streaming on Amazon.

In the pilot, the four female friends (Michele Shelton Huff, Carly D. Anderson, Michelese Kavon and Ari Khatib) hunt for their missing male confidante Rodney (Terry Bell). They encounter super heroes Black Magnum (Eric Lane) and his sidekick Fought Boy, battling the forces of evil in the shape of a street gang.

Kelley McKinney was DP; Tony Reaves, assistant camera; Lawrence edited; Wes Kardigan music and Dora Kwak, makeup.

Wallace is raising funds on to complete the other 6 episodes to also run on

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