McGarryBowen brings NYC to life for US Open campaign

Footage of Roger Federer projected onto El Luchador Restaurant, 87 South St. NYC

The US Open’s new “You In?” campaign is an ode to New York City, courtesy of McGarryBowen Chicago.

The buildings, bridges and food trucks of the Big Apple form a literal nighttime backdrop for footage of the event’s legendary action. As players and fans light up walls throughout the city, a voiceover declares, “Only New York can throw a party this big.”

“New York City is a big part of the US Open experience,” explains creative director Lee Remias. “It’s the only place where you can mix some of the best tennis players and some of the best fans with one of the greatest cities in the world.”

Besides highlighting the competition, “You In?” celebrates the difference between the American event and its Grand Slam counterparts: Wimbledon, the French Open and the Australian Open. Combining unique event footage with what Remias and GCD Kevin Thoem refer to as the city’s “glamour and grit,” the spot intends to get new fans involved.

“‘You In?’ is very inviting,” says Remias. “If you work or live in New York, you’re going to get a feel for some of the places where we shot. If you’re not from New York, you’re going to get a very authentic taste for the city.”

The call to action at the end — “Get your tickets today” — drives the point home.

Venus Williams, Roger Federer and Angelique Kerber are among the stars cut with the branding and fans that bring New York’s streets to life.


Although McGarryBowen did some location scouting and asked production company 1stAveMachine to conduct tests on various urban surfaces before filming began, the process of making the spot turned out to be as thrilling as the visuals it features.

“This was a very run and gun type of shoot,” says Remias. “We were literally running through the streets of New York with giant HD projectors.”

The long hours didn’t seem to bother Remias, who describes himself as a “huge fan of tennis.” The opportunity to work on the spot, he says, was a “dream come true” wrapped inside a “passion project,” for him as well as the whole team at McGarryBowen.

“One of the things we ask people who want to work on this account is, “Do you love tennis?”


Advertising Agency: McGarryBowen
   US Chief Creative Officer: Ned Crowley
   Chief Creative Officer: Kurt Fries
   Group Creative Directors: Lee Remias, Kevin Thoem, Lara Herzer
   Creative Director: Mike Wegener
   Group Managing Director: Robin Osborne, Tom Smith
   Account Director: Kristen Eglitis
   Strategy Director: Chris Robertson
   Director of Content Production: Steve Ross
   Music Producer: Libby Morris
   Producer: Madeline Gorman
   Dir of Broadcast Affairs: Joann Baker
   Business Manager: Kiki Powell

Production Company: 1stAveMachine
   Director: Roman Rutten
   Production Comp Producers: Sam Penfield; Peter Repplier

Media Agency: Spero

Digital Agency: Horizon