Lowing Light & Grip buys Deano’s Grand Rapids’ studio

Wyoming, Michigan-based Lowing Light & Grip has bought Deano’s Studio in Grand Rapids. (Wyoming is an East Side suburb of Grand Rapids and the state’s 14th largest city.)

Terms of the sale — which Lowing Light & Grip Co-Owner David Lowing told the Grand Rapids Business Journal, was negotiated for two years — were not disclosed.

Co-owners David Lowing and Matthew Lowing plan to change the name from Deano’s to Lowing Studios.

“We have been seeking ways to diversify our business and invest in new opportunities and expanding into soundstages is the right fit for our business,” David Lowing said. “We’re looking forward to carrying on the quality of management and service Dean and René have always provided.”

Deano’s Studio founders Dean Horn and his wife, René Anderson, said the studio was originally built in 1998 to accommodate commercial production for the auto industry. Its largest soundstage can fit a full-size semi-truck with room to spare.

Herman Miller, Steelcase and Gordon Foods are among its clients, along with feature films and music videos.

“It was important to us that we find new owners that would be the right fit,” said Horn, who’s still planning to work on creative projects through Lowing Light & Grip and Lowing Studios.

“Not just anyone could step into this business and hit the ground running like Lowing Light & Grip,” Anderson said. “They’ve been excellent service providers in the community for years, and they will continue to be so.”

Lowing Light & Grip will continue to offer equipment sales, rentals, service and administrative support at its 1500 Whiting St. SW location in nearby Wyoming.

“We will look for ways to expand on what Dean and René have built,” Matthew Lowing said, including retaining existing freelancers and contractors and hiring more.