Energy BBDO puts faces on the Opioid crisis

BBDO's "Stop Everyday Killers" campaign launched in Chicago last month.

BBDO’s “Stop Everyday Killers” campaign launched in Chicago last month.

Last year, a mindboggling 22,000 people lost their lives to prescription Opioid overdose last year.

With President Trump declaring that the Opioid Crisis is a US Public Health emergency, the National Safety Council is taking action to address the issue head on by launching a provocative nationwide public education campaign via EnergyBBDO that literally puts a face on the opioid epidemic.

Dubbed “Stop Everyday Killers,” the campaign launched in Chicago last month with the unveiling of Prescribed to Death, the first ever memorial to the victims of the Opioid Crisis.

The purpose of the memorial is to illuminate the stories of those lost to opioid addiction, and equip people with information and tools to prevent future devastation of lives.



The exhibit includes a memorial wall made of pills carved with faces that represent the 22,000 victims lost last year. Every 24 minutes, a new face is carved into a pill to represent the frequency at which lives are lost to this crisis.

The memorial also includes three individual rooms that allow visitors to step into the worlds of Avi’s son Michael, Felicia’s son Louie, or Rigo (a recovered addict), and watch a video relaying their stories, while surrounded by their personal belongings.

The hope is that visitors can learn from these jarring experiences.



Beyond seeking to educate, Stop Everyday Killers is a call to action. To reduce the number of opioids in circulation, the organization has created “Opioids: Warn Me” labels that can be affixed to insurance and pharmacy cards to prompt prescribers to share the risks of taking opioids and possible alternatives with patients.

And, Stericycle is providing pre-paid Seal&Send envelopes for properly returning unused medications.

According to an agency spokeswoman, “Prescribed to Death” in Chicago was just the beginning. The memorial will travel to other cities across the country later this upcoming year including Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Washington, D.C., and NSC will continue to partner with Energy BBDO to share the message to #StopEverydayKillers.

Agency: Energy BBDO
Client: National Safety Council
Title: Stop Everyday Killers

Chief Creative Officer: Andres Ordonez
   Creative Director: Cinzia Crociani, Meg Farquhar, Michael Shirley, Alejandro Juli
   Art Director: Dane Canada
   Copywriter: Brynna Aylward
   Lead Designer: Hung Vinh
   Designers: Jaehyuk Choi, Erin Knott, Ramiro Silva

Head of Integrated Production: John Pratt
   Executive Producer: Matt Scoville
   Senior Producer: Shobin Mathew
   Studio Operations: Mitch Monzon
   Director of Music: Daniel Kuypers
   Project Manager: Blue Smith

Managing Director: Jeff Adkins
   Chief Strategy Officer: Larry Gies
   Account Director: Jeremy Kanefsky
   Account Supervisor: Sarah Nelson
   Account Executive: Kristen Schumacker
   Planning Director: Lauren Brown

Production Company: m ss ng p eces
   Director: Tucker Walsh
   Experience Designer: Hyphen Labs
   Website Creative Technologist: Mike Bodge
   Editor: Liz Deegan

Editorial Company: Flare
   Director of Post Production: Kendall Fash
   Editor: Sean Berringer, Casey Cobler, Bryan Simpson
   Sound Engineer: Sarah Krohn

Color/Finishing: The Mill
   Head of Color: Luke Morrison
   Artist: Sean Jamin Clutcher
   Producer: Natalie Ksiazek

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