Craig Duncan joins board of newly merged AICE/AICP

Craig Duncan

Craig Duncan

After joining AICP and AICE into a single association under the AICP brand, the newly formed organization announced that Craig Duncan, Managing Director and Partner of Cutters Studios Chicago, has joined the AICP National Board.

“We’ve thought long and hard about how to advance our mission of support and advocacy for the post-production industry, and believe this is the best way to achieve that goal,” says Duncan, who is also the former President of AICE’s International Board. “It just feels like a natural evolution for our association.”

Duncan posted about the announcement on his Facebook Page yesterday. “I am so proud of all the great things we accomplished at AICE,” he wrote, “and even more excited to join forces with all the amazing people at AICP.”

The move unites two powerhouse organizations that have built strong reputations for advocacy among their members and the industry at large during their existences.

AICP was founded in 1972 to protect the interests of independent commercial producers, crafting guidelines and best practices in to help members run their businesses more effectively.

AICE was founded in 1998, when three independent groups representing editing companies in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York formed a national association to discuss issues and undertake initiatives affecting post-production on a broader scale.

Effective on January 1, 2018, the the merger will create a new single entity that will be dedicated to promoting and advocating for independent production and post companies. It follows months of careful deliberations on the part of each association’s respective boards and final votes of approval by their memberships.

Current Executive Director of AICE, Rachelle Madden, will assume the title of VP, Post Production and Digital Production Affairs, with AICP. She will report to AICP president and CEO, Matt Miller.

AICP President/CEO Matt Miller and VP Rachelle Madden
AICP President/CEO Matt Miller and VP Rachelle Madden

Her responsibilities will include leading AICP’s post-production offerings, including position papers, best practices, roundtables, town halls, and other educational programs.

She will also lead a post-production council formed to advise the AICP National Board on post matters.

Madden views the merger as a way for AICE members to gain greater access to resources, programs, benefits and initiatives.

“We now become part of a much larger group,” she says, “which gives us a strength in numbers we didn’t have before while adding critical post production perspectives to key discussions about business practices and industry trends.”

Miller points out that the merger makes perfect business sense because numerous companies are members of both organizations, reflecting the blurring of the lines between production and post.

“As we grow more closely allied, it makes more sense than ever for the organizations to have a unified voice in the industry.”

Another supporter of the merger is AICP Midwest Chapter President and Executive Producer at STORY, Mark Androw. “I am delighted to be representing the combined AICP and AICE Midwest Chapter,” he said. “The chapter, AICP/Midwest will include the AICE Chicago and Detroit members. We are combing our boards of directors to make an extremely powerful group of industry leaders.”

According to a statement, former AICE members will be eligible to join the General Member Production companies of AICP, with access to all benefits starting in 2018.

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