Burrell “flips the script” on new campaign for Toyota

Face it, when you can point to the classic One Show Books as the reason you got into advertising, you can pretty much predict what’s going to happen in most spots.

If I haven’t just fast-forwarded by and actually stop to look, most of the time out of sheer horror, I can usually predict what line the person in the spot is going to say next.

Don’t worry advertising, I can do this for movies as well.

So when I saw the new Toyota Ch-R spot from Burrell, I was curious: where on earth were they taking this spot, which features three good-looking and aspirational men attempting to park their “daring crossover” at a fire hydrant?

Then the agency and their long-time client flipped the script on me and probably anyone else watching, as you can see in the extended version below.

Wow! Didn’t see that coming. Nor did I see where the other two surprising, fun and actually let’s use a word I hardly use anyomore, “smart,” spots were going in this campaign. And that’s what makes them RAW!

In a statement from Burrell, the agency says,” Toyota is flipping the script on how an SUV looks and drives. So, to tell the story of the new dynamic Toyota C-HR crossover the Burrell team decided to flip the script on all the mundane things you normally do in your car. In this digital campaign we follow our hero and his friends as they get people to join in on flipping the script on rush hour, parking and a car wash. It’s a little mischievous and a whole lot of fun. Like the Toyota C-HR.”

Other spots in the campaign “flip the script” on rush hour and car washes.


   Agency — Burrell Communications Group

       CCO – Lewis Williams

       CD – Terrence Burrell

       CW – Adam Yencho

       SAD – Derrick Harmon

       PROD – Carlo Treviso

       PBM – Linda Glover

       Strategic planner – Jeff Fortune

       Research – Tonya Roberts

    Production company — Coolfire Studios

        DIR- Cody Stokes

        EDS – Kevin Johnson

        EP– David Johnson

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