Burnett makes Capri Sun “Legendary”

Siblings punk mom with John Legend’s assistance in the new Capri Sun campaign by Leo Burnett.

There is no doubt that reality TV sells.

But, if I’m being honest here, advertising has not done a really good job at mimicking “reality-like” situations when it comes to spots. Many times they feel forced.

However, Leo Burnett has succeeded thoroughly with a new Capri Sun campaign starring Grammy-winning singer/songwriter John Legend.

With a “Disney’s Walk the Prank” type vibe, the campaign shows the ridiculous lengths that kids go to in order to get what they want.

A recently released two-minute video showcases an instantly likable brother and sister punking their mom in yoga class with the assistance of Legend. After speaking to the mother like a 10-year-old, Legend extols the benefits of Capri Sun.

“Now That We Have Your Attention” promotes four newly unveiled product lines made with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar: new Capri Sun Fruit Refreshers, Capri Sun Organic, Capri Sun 100% Juice and Capri Sun Fruit & Veggie Blends (formerly Capri Sun Super V).

“As a mom, I understand the importance of having options when choosing what to serve your kids,” said Kraft-Heniz/Capri Sun Vice President Melanie Huet.

“Many parents are looking for natural ingredients and less sugar in their kids’ diets, which is why we’re introducing four products made with all-natural ingredients and no added sugar.”

The creative team that includes Creative Director Aaron, Art Director Lauren Wetula and copywriter Kevin Goff have done a really great job here at capturing surprise, seeing Legend in a different light and making us talk about Capri Sun.

In addition to the new video, the launch campaign also includes social, digital banners, TV ads, print ads and in-store advertising.

Client: Kraft Heinz, Capri Sun
Campaign: “Now That We Have Your Attention”
Head of Beverages: Adam Butler
Director: Masha Ievseieva
Brand Manager: Steve Brown

Agency: Leo Burnett
   Chief Creative Officer: Britt Nolan
   Business Lead: Kristina Lenz
   Creative Director: Aaron Pendleton
   Creative Director: Miller Jones
   Senior Art Director: Lauren Wetula
   Account Supervisor: Abby Allsop
   Account Executive: Jen Solomon
   ACD/Copywriter: Kevin Goff
   Agency Producer: Kimberly Cowie
   Agency Talent Director: Peggy Walter
   Strategy Director: Pushpa Gopalan
   Strategist: Chase Donahue

Production Company: Integrated Dynamics
   Executive Producer: Stephanie Marshall
   Producer: Stephanie Marshall
   Production Supervisor: Ocean Anaya
   Asst. Production Supervisor: Jane Kifer

PR Agency: Olson Engage