Playboy wants us to practice “Safe Six” in new PSA

Playboy has launched a cheeky (dare we say sexy?) PSA that points out the humorous similarities between the guidelines for social distancing and those for practicing safe sex. Entitled “Practice Safe Six” and developed in partnership with Austin-based creative agency Preacher, the PSA plays on the clichés of high school sex education to spark a … Continue reading “Playboy wants us to practice “Safe Six” in new PSA”

Playboy launches Playboy Live on Instagram, IGTV

Are you missing Playboy yet? Last month, the magazine announced it would cease printing its magazine for the remainder of the year amid the coronavirus outbreak. In an open letter shared on publishing platform Medium, Playboy’s CEO Ben Kohn explained that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced the company to “accelerate a conversation” they had been having internally. Kohn wrote “as the … Continue reading “Playboy launches Playboy Live on Instagram, IGTV”

Playmate, Ghostbusters actress Kymberly Herrin passes at 65

Playboy Playmate and Ghostbusters actress Kymberly Herrin has passed away at 65. Herrin passed away peacefully on October 28, 2022, in Santa Barbara, CA, however news of her passing was not shared publicly until her obituary was posted last week in the Santa Barbara News-Press.  On the day of her passing, Herrin’s niece, Theresa Ramirez, … Continue reading “Playmate, Ghostbusters actress Kymberly Herrin passes at 65”

DEFINITION 6 rounds out exec leadership

Customer experience agency DEFINITION 6 (D6) has announced new appointments within their executive leadership team, adding COO Duc Le and Board Member Jamie Rosen. Le brings more than 20 years of experience transforming and growing agencies, notably as Global Managing Director of Digital Operations for Edelman, the world’s largest communications agency. Rosen has spent more … Continue reading “DEFINITION 6 rounds out exec leadership”

INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson goes beneath the mask

Today, The Batman (now certified fresh at 85% on Rotten Tomatoes) opens across the United States. When the film opens, it’s Halloween night and everyone is in costume. Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) is patrolling the streets not as himself, not in the Batsuit, but as someone in between Bruce and the Bat—a shadowy persona that … Continue reading “INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson goes beneath the mask”

Last Picture Show director Peter Bogdanovich passes away at 82

Two-time Oscar nominee, Peter Bogdanovich has passed away at age 82. Bogdanovich is known for directing films such as The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon, What’s Up, Doc?, Mask and Nickelodeon.  Bogdanovich died shortly after midnight Thursday of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles, his daughter Antonia Bogdanovich told The Hollywood Reporter. “We … Continue reading “Last Picture Show director Peter Bogdanovich passes away at 82”

No Sudden Move: How Hugh Hefner influenced its style

If cars racing into space or LeBron James taking on Elmer Fudd in basketball ain’t your thing, this weekend there is now Steven Soderbergh’s No Sudden Move to consider. Set in 1954 Detroit, the Warner Bros. film centers on a group of small-time criminals who are hired to steal what they think is a simple … Continue reading “No Sudden Move: How Hugh Hefner influenced its style”

Sebastian Stan, Denise Gough love on Monday

Two broken people trying to heal each other is the kind of love story we relish in and suffer through in the new film, Monday. The premise of the independent feature can only be compared to a convertible car on fire on an ethereal island and you can’t help but enjoy the view as it … Continue reading “Sebastian Stan, Denise Gough love on Monday”

Director Zen Sekizawa signs with WoodShop

Director/Photographer Zen Sekizawa has signed with WoodShop, as the company continues to expand its diverse directorial roster this year. Founders Executive Producer Sam Swisher and ECD/Director Trevor Shepard welcomed Zen to the team, where she joins Creative Director/Directors Michelle Pak and Peter Cote.  After freelancing with the WoodShop team continuously over the past 10 years, Zen … Continue reading “Director Zen Sekizawa signs with WoodShop”

2020 in Review: Gone, but not forgotten

2020 snatched so many from us. Mothers. Fathers. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Brothers. Sisters. Icons. Unknowns. Some deaths were natural, while many like Gilligan’s Island’s Dawn Wells, Star Wars’ Darth Vader David Prowse and Nick Cordero succumbed to a new evil known as “complications from COVID.” That mother-effer cancer also reared its head. Among its victims, legendary … Continue reading “2020 in Review: Gone, but not forgotten”

The best of this year’s Halloween costumes

Under normal circumstances, 2020’s Halloween celebrations would have been bigger and stranger than ever — occurring on a Saturday with a rare blue moon. However, with a pandemic currently waging a war on the world and many anxious about the upcoming election, the night was much more subdued affair. That did not stop our favorite … Continue reading “The best of this year’s Halloween costumes”

Lost in Space producer Kevin Burns dies of cardiac arrest

He was considered the “Keeper of the Flame” for all things Irwin Allen. Beloved by Lost in Space fans, television producer Kevin Burns, known for his work on the 2006 Poseidon Adventure remake and the Lost in Space reboot on Netflix died Sunday of cardiac arrest. He was 65. In a statement to Variety, Prometheus Entertainment vice … Continue reading “Lost in Space producer Kevin Burns dies of cardiac arrest”

Couples bond over Pornhub videos in new campaign

Let’s face it, porn is pretty difficult to talk about in most settings. Yeah, we giggle and joke about it like we’re still in high school, hut have you ever sat down with your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or anyone else and had a genuine discussion about what you really like? It’s hard, no pun … Continue reading “Couples bond over Pornhub videos in new campaign”

Dell Blue goes into Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI

Dell Blue, the internal creative agency for Dell, has debuted the launch campaign for Dell Optimizer, Dell Technology’s AI-based software for workstations and laptops. Celebrating the intelligence of Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI, the campaign showcases its adaptability for enhanced workstation performance and end-user productivity — from learning your most-used apps so they launch faster to … Continue reading “Dell Blue goes into Dell Optimizer’s built-in AI”

TikTok tops 2 billion downloads

Widely popular global app TikTok, has announced that the leading creator platform has hit over 2 billion downloads on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Wednesday, Techcrunch, citing Sensor Tower, said that TikTok’s two billion download milestone comes five months after it surpassed 1.5 billion downloads according to the tech industry outlet. TikTok follows WhatsApp, Instagram … Continue reading “TikTok tops 2 billion downloads”

SKYN condoms enlists porn stars to celebrate intimacy

One positive thing we can say about the lockdown which has occurred due to the coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic – porn is up and the Reel 360 team is down. SKYN condoms has teamed up with award-winning agency Sid Lee Paris to launch a new social media marketing campaign that celebrates staying at home with … Continue reading “SKYN condoms enlists porn stars to celebrate intimacy”

Former Playmate Ashley Mattingly commits suicide

After appearing as Playboy ‘s Miss March in 2011, Playmate Ashley Mattingly led a troubled life riddled with substance abuse battles. Sadly, the model finally succumbed and took her life at the age of 33. According to TMZ, Mattingly was found unresponsive on Friday night after a friend called the Austin Police Department for a … Continue reading “Former Playmate Ashley Mattingly commits suicide”