Matt Reeves posts 1st look at Robert Pattinson as Batman

2+ With apologies to our amazing publisher, Barbara L. Roche, this article will probably break The Reel 360 server. With filming well underway on the new Warner Bros film, The Batman, director Matt Reeves has decided to get ahead of the internet leaks and has posted a new video of actor Robert Pattinson dressed as … Continue reading “Matt Reeves posts 1st look at Robert Pattinson as Batman”

First set shots from Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’

1+ We know production on the highly anticipated Matt Reeves’ The Batman is scheduled to begin soon in the UK soon. The Warner Bros film stars Robert Pattinson as the titular character. His co-stars include Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth, Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Paul Dano as The Riddler, John … Continue reading “First set shots from Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’”

Andy Serkis to play Alfred in Reeves ‘The Batman’

3+ Wow. Gollum (or for those of you who just remember Andy Serkis as Ulysses S. Klaw) is going to play faithful butler Alfred in director Matt Reeves’ (War of the Planet the Apes, Cloverfield) upcoming The Batman. Gollum. My Precious. We kid. Andy Serkis (Black Panther) is an amazing talent and should add gravitas … Continue reading “Andy Serkis to play Alfred in Reeves ‘The Batman’”

Susanne Preissler, EP Independent Media

1+ Editor’s Note: While Women’s History Month has clearly ended, we had such an overflow of submissions for REEL WOMEN that we couldn’t limit them all to just March. So, while these are the last profiles for this year, they are anything but least. We invite you to meet these incredible personalities in Advertising, Entertainment, … Continue reading “Susanne Preissler, EP Independent Media”

Warner Bros puts ‘The Batman’ on “2-week hiatus”

2+ Even The Batman with all of his gadgets, doesn’t have anything in his utility belt to stop the havoc of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s been confirmed today that Warner Bros. has decided to stop production on the Matt Reeves’ film. “Warner Bros. Pictures feature production of The Batman will be on a two-week hiatus starting … Continue reading “Warner Bros puts ‘The Batman’ on “2-week hiatus””

The Batmobile has been revealed on social media

2+ Batman does indeed have a Batmobile. Director Matt Reeves has shared three photos on Twitter giving us not only our first official look at a suited up Robert Pattinson as the titular character but he is standing next to the new freakin’ Batmobile. And we have never seen a version like this on screen. … Continue reading “The Batmobile has been revealed on social media”

New ‘Batman’ set photos reveal look at Catwoman

1+ Multiple photos and videos from the set of Matt Reeves’ production of The Batman surfaced online yesterday, offering fans a glimpse at what could be the batcycle and a stunt version of the batsuit. Upon further look, it’s possible we were so focused on the batsuit and bike that we overlooked what could be our first … Continue reading “New ‘Batman’ set photos reveal look at Catwoman”

First images of ‘The Batman’ in action surface online

3+ Well what do we have here? Production is well underway on Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as the titular character. The production is currently filming in Glasgow, Scotland, at the Glasgow Necropolis cemetery. Today, photos from the location surfaced online, offering fanboys and girls what could be their first look at a … Continue reading “First images of ‘The Batman’ in action surface online”

‘Matrix 4’ stunt video reveals Neo, Trinity in action

3+ Last week at the Oscars, Best Supporting Actor winner, Brad Pitt, gave props to all of the stunt men and women who risk death-defying stunts on a daily basis. That point is made in spades by today’s video from the the Matrix 4 set. The film (probably a working title) is in full-on production … Continue reading “‘Matrix 4’ stunt video reveals Neo, Trinity in action”

Disney to adapt ‘Hamilton’ into musical film

1+ Lin-Manuel Miranda has announced that Disney will be adapting Hamilton, the 11-time-Tony Award-, Grammy Award -, Olivier Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning stage musical, into a film that will be directed by Tommy Kail and produced by RadicalMedia.  The film of the original Broadway cast performing Hamilton is a leap forward in the art of … Continue reading “Disney to adapt ‘Hamilton’ into musical film”

‘The Batman’ officially begins production

1+ No, that is not an official image of Robert Pattinson as the titular character of Matt Reeves’ upcoming film, The Batman. However, it is official that production has started on the new film in Dublin. Matt Reeves took to his Twitter account on Monday to share an image of the slate from the first … Continue reading “‘The Batman’ officially begins production”

New ‘Batman’ set pics reveal Pattinson as Bruce Wayne

2+ It would seem that cameras are absolutely rolling on Matt Reeves highly-anticipated The Batman. Earlier today, we got a glimpse of vehicles being set up for a shot. And now we seem to have our first look at The Lighthouse’s Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne. A Twitter user named Wade Gravett managed to take … Continue reading “New ‘Batman’ set pics reveal Pattinson as Bruce Wayne”

John Turturro cast as Carmine Falcone in ‘Batman’

2+ Director Matt Reeves continues to surprise with his out-of-the-box casting for the upcoming The Batman. The director revealed via Twitter that he has added 2x Golden Globe nominee John Turturro (Transformers, Do the Right Thing) to play iconic Gotham City crimelord Carmine Falcone. Turturro joins an all-star cast headlined by Robert Pattinson (The Lighthouse), … Continue reading “John Turturro cast as Carmine Falcone in ‘Batman’”

Zoë Kravitz cast as Catwoman in new ‘Batman’

1+ As Matt Reeves’ The Batman moves closer to its January production start, we are getting more and more casting news. Now there is word we have Catwoman. Zoë Kravitz (Mad Max: Fury Road) will be cracking the whip alongside Robert Pattison’s Dark Knight. Matt Reeves, who is writing the script in addition to directing, … Continue reading “Zoë Kravitz cast as Catwoman in new ‘Batman’”

‘IT’ director & ‘Birds of Prey’ writer tied to ‘Flash’

3+ As the new DC Movie Universe, known in some parts as the “DCEU,” continues to dig itself out from under the poorly received “Snyderverse,” in reference to Zack Snyder’s take on the iconic DC characters, there are changes abound for upcoming films. Of course, we all know director Matt Reeves is teaming with Robert … Continue reading “‘IT’ director & ‘Birds of Prey’ writer tied to ‘Flash’”