A chat with Director / Writer / Producer Layne Marie Williams

After meeting Director / Writer / Producer Layne Marie Williams at a Stage 18 event, Dallas McGee, owner and Executive Producer of production company turned creative agency Pink Hippo, decided he had to have the young auteur on his directing roster. It was not an outlandish wish, as Williams, it turns out, was also a … Continue reading “A chat with Director / Writer / Producer Layne Marie Williams”

Don’t Look Up: Jennifer Lawrence on collision course with comedy

What if you discovered that a comet was on a collision course with Earth? And what if no one really seemed to care? That’s the premise of Don’t Look Up, the upcoming Netflix comedy written and directed by Academy Award winner Adam McKay (Vice, The Big Short, Stepbrothers). The film uses subversive humor to reflect and underscore … Continue reading “Don’t Look Up: Jennifer Lawrence on collision course with comedy”

What’s not to love about ginger Ashton Swinford?

“Filmmakers are like roaches – we’ll always find a way to survive.” There is something about Gingers. We either love ’em or hate ’em for those fiery locks. Sometimes, we even make fun of ’em or just run in the other direction. Is it because they stand out in a crowd? Or does it ignite … Continue reading “What’s not to love about ginger Ashton Swinford?”

Fiji vows to raise $100K for AFI female directors

Despite Patty Jenkins directing one of the highest grossing films of 2017, Wonder Woman, or Dee Rees getting huge buzz for her debut film, Mudbound, or Greta Gerwig having the highest reviewed film of 2017 in Lady Bird, not one of them were nominated for a Golden Globe. Only Gerwig was nominated for a DGA … Continue reading “Fiji vows to raise $100K for AFI female directors”

WOTN brings “Cinematic Sexuality” to West Loop gallery event

Tonight, Women of the Now’s first ever film-themed variety burlesque, Cinematic Sexuality, will play two separate shows in the West Loop’s Fulton Market Gallery space.

Designed with fun in mind, the event’s lineup includes dancers, comedians and DJs, as well as an open bar stocked with wine, beer and a variety of spirits from sponsor CH Distillery.

Chicago’s wonder women talk about “Wonder Woman”

Does it take a “gal” (see what I did there?) to save the much-maligned and divisive DCEU?

After the critical floggings of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, it would seem 4th time is the charm as Wonder Woman is a massive critical success.

Coming in at a 94% fresh tomato rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the Amazonian Princess looks bound for a commercial success as well.

Getting comfortable in a domestic violence shelter

Spousal abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder and attempted murder all make appearances in the opening scenes of The Haven, but creator/writer Mia McCullough describes the webseries about life in a domestic violence shelter as a “dramedy.”

“Shelters are a lot happier than people imagine,” she says. “But it’s hard to tell the story of someone going to a shelter in a funny way.”

“Femme Pyre” launches new era of film collaboration

“Femme Pyre,” Saturday night’s carnival themed fancy dress party at Camera Ambassador, prompted hundreds of guests to keep going until Sunday morning. This may have been due to the fact that there was a kissing booth, tarot card readers and at least three different kinds of dancers (belly, burlesque and go-go); but still, the event actually made “networking” fun.