Claudia Conway, reveals the accuracy on Trump health

President Donald Trump continues his recovery from COVID-19, and the White House and Trump’s doctors reveal sparse facts about his condition, a surprising new source about how the Donald Trump is really faring has emerged on TikTok. Claudia Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s progressive 15-year-old daughter, has made it clear in her posts that Trump is not … Continue reading “Claudia Conway, reveals the accuracy on Trump health”

Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen gets under Trump’s skin

Since its launch in December 2019, Reel 360 has documented the rise of The Lincoln Project‘s biting, sarcastic and powerful political ads against President Donald Trump. The conservative group was started by George Conway, the husband of  President Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, and Reed Galen. The agency has no clients, a media strategy that targets an audience … Continue reading “Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen gets under Trump’s skin”

Lincoln Project links Trump to Jeffrey Epstein

It’s literally impossible to keep up with those pesky thorns in President Donald Trump’s side. No, we’re not talking about TikTok. No, not the NFL Players Union. No, not AT&T. No, not just about any human being with a conscious and a brain. No, we’re talking about those creative thorns at The Lincoln Project. Run … Continue reading “Lincoln Project links Trump to Jeffrey Epstein”

Lincoln Project calls Trump “most corrupt President”

Late Friday night, President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of longtime friend and advisor Roger Stone. Stone worked on Trump’s campaign in 2015 and in an informal capacity in 2016. He ran afoul of the law when he lied repeatedly to Congress about his activities with WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign. He was eventually convicted … Continue reading “Lincoln Project calls Trump “most corrupt President””

Lincoln Project goes for Trump’s jugular in new ads

President Trump got some surprisingly good news as the June US unemployment rate fell to 11.1%. This is due to the economy adding a record 4.8 million jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Thursday. The data was far more positive than economists projected, and the unemployment rate also fell more than expected. It was the second-consecutive … Continue reading “Lincoln Project goes for Trump’s jugular in new ads”

Lincoln Project says ‘lying President” tells the truth

A week ago at his campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, attended by 6,200 people, President Trump addressed coronavirus COVID-19 testing in the United States by saying, he ordered a slowdown. “When you do testing to that extent, you’re going to find more people, you’re going to find more cases. So, I said to my people, … Continue reading “Lincoln Project says ‘lying President” tells the truth”

TikTok users troll Trump; new Lincoln Project ad

While the Trump campaign continues to deny that the low turnout for their controversial Tulsa, OK rally was not affected by users of TikTok, there is no denying something was afoot. According to numerous news outlets, the 2020 Trump Presidential campaign has privately admitted that as many as 300,000 of the people who RSVP’d for … Continue reading “TikTok users troll Trump; new Lincoln Project ad”

Lincoln Project asks, “America or Trump?”

Conservative group The Lincoln Project, which was started by George Conway, the husband of President Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway, has released a scathing new anti-Trump ad. Never one to pull punches, the the Super PAC’s campaign has taken its messaging to the next level by calling Trump an outright “coward” for threatening to use the … Continue reading “Lincoln Project asks, “America or Trump?””

Conservative Lincoln Project releases anti-Trump ad

The Lincoln Project is an American conservative advocacy group that was formed in late 2019 by several prominent Republicans including George Conway, who is married to Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president in the Trump White House. The goal of the committee is to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump in 2020. The political organization, which endorsed Joe Biden, has … Continue reading “Conservative Lincoln Project releases anti-Trump ad”

South Dakota anti-meth campaign faces ridicule

A new anti-Meth PSA campaign is drawing ridicule and anger around the country. According to AP, South Dakota has seen an uptick in meth use by 12- to 17-year-olds in the last year that is double the national average. From 2014 to 2018, the number of people in the state seeking treatment for meth addiction … Continue reading “South Dakota anti-meth campaign faces ridicule”

Beyoncé is Grammy Queen; Lizzo, Harry Styles win

Time to show your respect. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter now truly rules The Grammys as the most decorated artist in history. However, it was Harry Styles and Lizzo who kept Queen B from taking it all as they won Album of the Year and Record of the Year respectively. Sunday night The Recording Academy held their annual … Continue reading “Beyoncé is Grammy Queen; Lizzo, Harry Styles win”

Lincoln Project exposes Trump for the failure he is

61 days until Doomsday… a.k.a. Election Day. It’s no secret The Lincoln Project has made their decision to cast their ballots to vote out Donald J. Trump, failed commander-in-chief, and his administration. The political group’s advertising message is crystal clear – Trump never had intentions to “Make America Great Again.” The President has sat in … Continue reading “Lincoln Project exposes Trump for the failure he is”

Gustafson most awarded editor at AICP Awards

Winners of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the Commercial were presented awards tonight at a special virtual premiere held in lieu of the annual gala premiere at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), due to the coronavirus pandemic. Together with the AICP Next Awards, which were presented online on June 16th, and … Continue reading “Gustafson most awarded editor at AICP Awards”