Biscuit Filmworks signs Jocelyn & Dawn

1+ Acclaimed commercial production company Biscuit Filmworks has announced the addition of directing duo Jocelyn & Dawn to its U.S. roster. Creative partners since 2015, Jocelyn DeBoer and Dawn Luebbe are a Spirit Award-nominated directing team known for their singular visual style and fresh, whip-smart comedy. “Jocelyn & Dawn bring not only a contagious and … Continue reading “Biscuit Filmworks signs Jocelyn & Dawn”

You won’t regret watching Amerisave’s first campaign

1+ I most definitely have regrets like getting blacklisted from Instagram for showing the Marvel fanfare opening… for 3 days… a possible drunk pee into a garbage can in a Wrigley Field men’s room that led to my expulsion. There are others I won’t get into. Enough about me. How about you? Any regrets? One … Continue reading “You won’t regret watching Amerisave’s first campaign”

Tide gets a little dirty with Jason Alexander

1+ Tide, the official laundry detergent of the NFL, is back with another Super Bowl ad – this time with the help of legendary comedian and actor, Jason Alexander. This year’s :60-second spot, at a cost of $11 million, will challenge people to think about all the situations they subject their clothes to on a … Continue reading “Tide gets a little dirty with Jason Alexander”

A dog finds his “Dogtopia” in new Microsoft Xmas spot

1+ For the most part, it’s been a pretty shitty year. We’re separated from family and friends. Money is tight. Or in many cases nonexistent. And now we have the pressure of holiday shopping. Where is our holiday spirit? In the flusher. Microsoft, along with AOR McCann New York, acknowledges that reality but, at the … Continue reading “A dog finds his “Dogtopia” in new Microsoft Xmas spot”

Jameson Irish Whiskey serves up ‘Lost Barrel’

1+ In this horrible year of 2020, we need whiskey more than ever. And the Reel 360 team does love Jameson Irish Whiskey on the rocks. If there were ever a year that needed the spirit of John Jameson, the founding father of the world’s best-selling Irish whiskey, it’s this one. Which is why, 240 … Continue reading “Jameson Irish Whiskey serves up ‘Lost Barrel’”

SweeTARTS wants us all to “Be Both” in new campaign

1+ In April 2019, Oakbrook-based SweeTARTS launched the ‘Be Both’ brand campaign by San Francisco-based Duncan Channon to celebrate its shared value with Gen-Z of being ‘more than one thing.’ Now, SweeTARTS is launching a new national TV spot ‘Library,’ which will be followed by additional creative in this theme in 2021. In the spot, a SweeTARTS’ fangirl is … Continue reading “SweeTARTS wants us all to “Be Both” in new campaign”

Gustafson most awarded editor at AICP Awards

1+ Winners of the AICP Show: The Art & Technique of the Commercial were presented awards tonight at a special virtual premiere held in lieu of the annual gala premiere at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), due to the coronavirus pandemic. Together with the AICP Next Awards, which were presented online on June 16th, … Continue reading “Gustafson most awarded editor at AICP Awards”

2020 AICP Awards release short list

2+ Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP, today announced the release of the shortlists for the 2020 AICP Awards – the AICP Post Awards, the AICP Next Awards and the AICP Show @MoMA. Winners in each of these three strategically-aligned competitions for excellence will be revealed during a series of free virtual premieres set … Continue reading “2020 AICP Awards release short list”

Timber, Errol Morris create sizzling Chipotle spot

2+ Celebrated Director Errol Morris returned once again to Santa Monica-based Timber to collaborate with the award-winning visual effects team on a brand-new commercial campaign for Chipotle. Featuring Chipotle team members, the new spots continue the masterful display of Chipotle’s fresh, quality ingredients served with every meal. Timber provided conform, clean-up and post-production on the … Continue reading “Timber, Errol Morris create sizzling Chipotle spot”

Cut+Run’s Knight cuts V-Day campaign for Jared

1+ Happy Valentine’s Day to the Reel 360 readers! Avoid high-pressure decision-making with this new Valentine’s Day campaign for Jared, edited by Cut+Run’s Gary Knight and directed by Biscuit’s Clay Weiner for McKinney. The Jeweltones, a sage vocal group, once again lend their voices to help you find the right way to say I love … Continue reading “Cut+Run’s Knight cuts V-Day campaign for Jared”

Laughlin Constable, Jewelers Mutual are obsessed

2+ No one appreciates the special bond between a fiancé and their brand new engagement ring like Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, the category leader which has been insuring jewelry since 1913. So of course the company understands how it feels to fall in love … with jewelry. They grasp what it’s like to protect the … Continue reading “Laughlin Constable, Jewelers Mutual are obsessed”

The ‘Chicken Sandwich Wars’ will leave you fried

2+ There is major beef going on between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A. Actually, chicken. In the vein of great fights like “The Thrilla in Manilla,” “The Hatfields and The McCoys” and “Trump vs Anyone else” we now are in the midst of the “Great Chicken Sandwich Wars.” And the weapons being used – Twitter memes. It … Continue reading “The ‘Chicken Sandwich Wars’ will leave you fried”

Old Spice heroically saves the day with swagger

4+ If you watched any sports or Marvel movies this weekend, chances are you got to see the very funny Old Spice ads. ‘Never Let a Friend Lose His Swagger’ by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, shines a hilarious light on lonely guys, making the series Reel Ad of the Week. Apparently, Old Spice commissioned a study uncovering … Continue reading “Old Spice heroically saves the day with swagger”

Mia Hamm, Mallory Pugh kick it in new Gatorade spot

3+ The women’s soccer World Cup begins Friday and the first game for the U.S. women is scheduled for June 11. Who better to fuel the next generation of female soccer stars than Mia Hamm, one of the most influential players in the history of sport? Hamm, who enjoyed life as a Gatorade spokeswoman from … Continue reading “Mia Hamm, Mallory Pugh kick it in new Gatorade spot”

Dollar Shave Club celebrates Father’s Day with ‘Dad bod’

3+ So how does one earn a “Reel Ad of the Week” label? It’s actually very easy, you have to bring a tear to the Reel 360’s teams’ eyes. Yes, make us cry from something so touching. Or… Be funny AF. And that is how Dollar Shave Club’s celebration to the man of the house … Continue reading “Dollar Shave Club celebrates Father’s Day with ‘Dad bod’”

AICP announces Community Award and Shortlists

5+ Wieden + Kennedy, Apple and MJZ lead Shortlist nominations. Matt Miller, President and CEO of AICP, today announced the first-ever “Community Award,” to be presented during AICP Week in June. The Community Award is an unfiltered way to give the entire industry the ability to voice its opinion on the favorite spot of the … Continue reading “AICP announces Community Award and Shortlists”

McDonald’s believes a big day deserves a big breakfast

4+ Triple Breakfast Stack is burger giant’s first real breakfast news since 2013 McDonald’s has announced it has really big breakfast. Like really big. Really, really big. Arriving on November 1, the world will meet (and hopefully eat) McDonald’s new Triple Breakfast Stacks. It’s described as a sandwich that “doubles down on some of customers’ … Continue reading “McDonald’s believes a big day deserves a big breakfast”

Enjoy Elton John and Boogie in a new Snickers Ad

3+ Captain Fantastic Elton John is back with a bang in a fun new SNICKERS ad The clever new SNICKERS ad, out September 1, 2018, sees Elton John venture into the hip hop genre as the personification of American artist, Boogie, amidst a rap battle, when he’s lost his edge due to hunger. The spot kicks … Continue reading “Enjoy Elton John and Boogie in a new Snickers Ad”

DDB and State Farm get real and RAW this week

Yesterday, an African American art director friend and I were looking at a spot for a brand, which will go unnamed, and we both blurted out the same reaction at the same time.

“I’m so tired of Midwest White Boy Humor!” We laughed. Laughed some more. And then talked seriously about what our reaction really meant.

I mean, I am half white, after all.