The Arrowverse Shows ranked from Worst to First

In the immortal words of Porky Pig, “That’s all folks.” After 11 mostly successful years, the Arrowverse came to an end last night with the final episode of The Flash airing on The CW. The CW, under Greg Berlanti, created an interconnected universe, something Zack Snyder and the theatrical division at Warner Bros. tried, but … Continue reading “The Arrowverse Shows ranked from Worst to First”

Brandon Routh to reprise Superman in ‘Arrowverse’

There was nothing particularly wrong with Brandon Routh’s portrayal of Superman in the 2006 Bryan Singer film, Superman Returns. In fact, the actor was fairly good at embodying Christopher Reeve’s iconic performance as the Kryptonian. The film, which stands at 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, was not that well-received by movie audiences, grossing $200,081,192 in North … Continue reading “Brandon Routh to reprise Superman in ‘Arrowverse’”

Arrow’s Stephen Amell’s criticism of strike draws co-stars’ ire

The SAG-AFTRA strike has now entered its third full week and it is already creating significant divisions among actors and other members of the entertainment industry. Stephen Amell, known for his role as Oliver Queen in The CW’s Arrow and currently starring in Starz’s wrestling drama Heels, has expressed his opposition to the strike during … Continue reading “Arrow’s Stephen Amell’s criticism of strike draws co-stars’ ire”

Superman & Lois Soars higher as CW Renews for a 4th Season

Finally. Nexstar-owned, The CW recently made the announcement that they are renewing Superman & Lois for a highly anticipated (and most likely last) fourth season. The show, which has captivated audiences with its thrilling superhero action and compelling family drama, will continue to showcase the iconic characters from DC Comics created by Jerry Siegel and … Continue reading “Superman & Lois Soars higher as CW Renews for a 4th Season”

Has Marvel found its Fantastic Four?

Don’t get excited yet. But it would seem that Marvel Studios has finally found the stellar cast for its highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot. After acquiring the film rights to the iconic superhero team, Marvel fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the actors who will bring the beloved characters to life on the big … Continue reading “Has Marvel found its Fantastic Four?”

Speeding towards an epic conclusion: A review of The Flash finale

After nine seasons filled with thrilling adventures and heartfelt character development, The Flash, the beloved superhero television series and the last Arrowverse series running has reached its series finale. Known for its compelling storytelling, exhilarating action sequences, and dedicated fan base, The Flash’s finale promised to deliver an epic conclusion filled with twists, turns, and … Continue reading “Speeding towards an epic conclusion: A review of The Flash finale”

What the hell is going to happen on the Succession finale?

So here we are, 39 episodes in on HBO’s breakout series Succession. Now, this Sunday, the critically acclaimed series will wrap up its fourth and final record-breaking season. And we still can’t solidly predict how Jesse Armstrong’s beast of a creation will end. Throughout the four seasons, we have witnessed a gripping saga of family dynamics, … Continue reading “What the hell is going to happen on the Succession finale?”

The CW announces Fall Sked. No mention of Superman and Lois

The CW Network will launch its seven-night 2023-24 primetime schedule in the Fall of 2023 with a strategic mix of new and returning original scripted series and new alternative programming, it was announced today by Brad Schwartz, President of Entertainment. “This fall, The CW embarks on the first step to become bigger and broader by … Continue reading “The CW announces Fall Sked. No mention of Superman and Lois”

CW renews Walker (with less episodes)

What a different look and feel The CW Network is going to have this fall now that Nexstar has completely taken over. Gone are the Arrowverse, Riverdale, Fantasy Island, The Winchesters. Superman and Lois is on the bubble. But for fans of Walker starring former Supernatural star, Jared Padalecki, there is good news The network … Continue reading “CW renews Walker (with less episodes)”

Zaslav comments on Batman’s future

Will the DCU Batman continue to be Robert Pattinson’s emo interpretation? Or Michael Keaton’s classic revival? Or is Ben Affleck giving us the bulky Dark Knight Returns? Or will there be three Batmen in the new DCU? Someone call George Clooney and make it a foursome! Today, WBD CEO David Zaslav teased what lies ahead … Continue reading “Zaslav comments on Batman’s future”

Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, dies at 66

Kevin Conroy, the man who voiced the Caped Crusader on Batman: The Animated Series from 1992 to 1996, as well as in 15 films, 15 animated series and two dozen video games has passed away at age 66. Multiple sources have confirmed that Conroy died at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City from intestinal … Continue reading “Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, dies at 66”

Flash star Ezra Miller arrested again for throwing chair at woman

Ezra Miller must really want Grant Gustin’s (TV’s Flash) face grafted onto his body. The Flash and Fantastic Beasts star has been arrested yet again. This follows months of legal issues and bad behavior. The 29-year-old Miller, apparently still in Hawaii even after a couple filed a restraining order against the actor a week ago, was booked … Continue reading “Flash star Ezra Miller arrested again for throwing chair at woman”

Ezra Miller in hot water over altercation in Hawaii

Actor Ezra Miller might be facing some serious consequences, much like Will Smith in the wake of their public shenanigans.  Earlier this week Rolling Stone reported that an “emergency meeting” was held within Warner Bros to determine their fate moving forward, citing not only the public perception of the actor after their legal problems but … Continue reading “Ezra Miller in hot water over altercation in Hawaii”

Carry on my wayward… Parents? Supernatural prequel casts Winchesters

On November 19, 2020, the CW aired the final episode of Supernatural, the longest-running fantasy series in TV history, after 15 years and 320 episodes. Since then, fans have been desperate for their fix and in June we reported that Jenson Ackles, who played Dean Winchester for a decade and a half, would be involved … Continue reading “Carry on my wayward… Parents? Supernatural prequel casts Winchesters”

Holy Cowl! Michael Keaton pops up in new Flash teaser

If you can believe this, The Flash movie has been in the works for almost four years. But here we are…. finally. During DC FanDome, star Ezra Miller introduced a teaser from the upcoming 2022 film. The Flash has been in production for quite a while now with various tidbits of teases from the set offering … Continue reading “Holy Cowl! Michael Keaton pops up in new Flash teaser”

Here are all the deets for DC FanDome

If you’re a DC Fan, and I am, there’s only one thing that you will be doing this weekend and that is attending the online event of the year – DC FanDome. Having launched last year during quarantine, it is like a Comic-Con specifically for DC fanboys and fangirls, promising trailers, news and first-look previews … Continue reading “Here are all the deets for DC FanDome”

DC Comics celebrates 50 years of John Stewart

From characters such as Cyborg, Nubia, Bumblebee, Mister Miracle Shilo Norman, Vixen, Steel and Black Lightning, to Milestone characters such as Static, Icon & Rocket and Hardware, to new heroes such as Tim Fox, The Next Batman and Naomi, DC boasts a proud tradition of Black Super Heroes populating its colorful universe. But none come … Continue reading “DC Comics celebrates 50 years of John Stewart”

This grounded Superman soars

WARNING! This review contains spoilers! Do not read if you have not yet watched the new CW series Superman & Lois. Believe it or not Superman’s visual storytelling has actually fared better on TV than in theaters. This is where you say, “What about Christoper Reeve? He was brilliant!” Reeve’s performance as the Last Son … Continue reading “This grounded Superman soars”

The Batman to film in Chicago next month

We always knew that Matt Reeves‘ upcoming The Batman would be something different than what we have seen before. When the first trailer dropped at DC FanDome back in August that feeling was confirmed. The film was more akin to something like Se7en or Zodiac than Batman and Robin. Thank god. Now, the film’s production … Continue reading “The Batman to film in Chicago next month”

CW grounds ‘Supergirl’ after this season

CW’s Kryptonian heroine will grace our televisions for the 6th and final season of Supergirl. Production on the show’s last 20-episode season is slated to begin late September, with the show’s creative team working now to develop storylines. As part of the “CWverse,” Supergirl has existed in the same universe as Arrow, The Flash, DC’s … Continue reading “CW grounds ‘Supergirl’ after this season”