‘SNL’ ratings skyrocket for season 46!

1+ Fans tuned in massively for Saturday’s 46th season premiere of Saturday Night Live, generating the show’s most-watched season debut in four years. The launch of season 46 was hosted by Chris Rock with musical guest Megan Thee Stallion, the show averaged a 1.68 rating and 7.765 million viewers overall, making it the most-watched season … Continue reading “‘SNL’ ratings skyrocket for season 46!”

Jim Carrey shines as Joe Biden on ‘SNL’

1+ LIVE from New York is Saturday Night Live… 30 days from the most important election of our time. SNL returned to a somewhat normal form in its Season 46 premiere, back in Studio in New York City with an audience (made up of first responders in masks) and host Chris Rock. The venerated sketch … Continue reading “Jim Carrey shines as Joe Biden on ‘SNL’”

Chris Rock to host ‘SNL’ season premiere

1+ Chris Rock will take the stage in Studio 8H as host of Saturday Night Live’s 46th season premiere on Oct. 3.  This will mark Rock’s third appearance as host. Rock became a cast member of the popular sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live in 1990. He and other new cast members Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Rob … Continue reading “Chris Rock to host ‘SNL’ season premiere”

Jim Carrey to play Joe Biden on 46th season of ‘SNL’

1+ New York Times bestselling author and two-time Golden Globe Award winner Jim Carrey will take on the role of Vice President Joe Biden for the upcoming 46th season of Saturday Night Live. The series is also returning to the studio and is planning to have a limited in-studio audience at Rockefeller Center for the upcoming … Continue reading “Jim Carrey to play Joe Biden on 46th season of ‘SNL’”

Leslie Jones to depart ‘SNL’ after 5 seasons

1+ Was it only five seasons? It feels like Leslie Jones has been a standout part of Saturday Night Live for more than five seasons. The comedienne, who just appeared live at Chicago’s Vic Theater, announced she is leaving Saturday Night Live before the sketch show begins its 45th season. This according to the Associated … Continue reading “Leslie Jones to depart ‘SNL’ after 5 seasons”

Fast Horse enlists ‘SNL’ alum Oteri for Fiber One

4+ Minn agency Fasthorse turns to Cheri Oteri to cheer on Fiber One According to “Food Navigator” for some consumers, digestive health is about avoiding foods that make them feel bloated or lethargic, for some, it’s about ‘roughage’ and ‘regularity.’ Fiber One does not want to be avoided. Nor should it. In fact, the brand … Continue reading “Fast Horse enlists ‘SNL’ alum Oteri for Fiber One”

Angelina Jolie, DGA Awards, Box Office, SNL in the news

8+   Angelina Jolie wins at Annie’s The Vince Lombardi trophy wasn’t the only award handed out this weekend. In Los Angeles, The Directors Guild of America and The Annie Awards honored their own for excellence in directing in film and television and animation, respectively Angelina Jolie wore a silver gown and brought two of … Continue reading “Angelina Jolie, DGA Awards, Box Office, SNL in the news”

Strange Loop, Uber, Digital Kitchen, SNL in the news

6+ Production company Strange Loop has teamed-up with Uber to produce a short documentary campaign promoting Uber’s recent partnership with the Youth Guidance organization in Chicago. The organization provides mentorship to hundreds of students at pivotal points in their lives through their BAM (Becoming a Man) and WOW (Working on Womanhood) programs. Helmed by director … Continue reading “Strange Loop, Uber, Digital Kitchen, SNL in the news”

Digitas, Indianapolis Art, Box Office, SNL in the news

6+ DigitasLBI, AOR for Maytag, has produced a humorous new thirty second spot called Delivery that supports Maytag’s tagline, “What’s Inside Matters.” Directed by Martin Granger from Moxie Pictures, the spot follows the Maytag Man as he (and clones) stands in for a variety of appliances as they leave the factory and are delivered to … Continue reading “Digitas, Indianapolis Art, Box Office, SNL in the news”

SNL, OKRP, Ora Interactive and Starburst in the news

Live from the Museum of Broadcast Communications it’s The SNL Experience!

According to The Chicago Tribune, a major, 500-artifact exhibit, chronicling the four-plus decades of NBC’s late-night topical humor sketch series, is coming to the Museum of Broadcast Communications in October.

The Museum’s founder, Bruce DuMont says the exhibit will change the dynamics of the museum. “It’s a grab for the gold ring. I think it’s going to dramatically change the museum for the better. We’re very excited about it. There’s going to be more attention, more traffic, more buzz about the things we do here.”

Beginning Oct. 21, the show is slated to run for 14 months at the North State Street museum that is celebrating its 35th anniversary but has struggled to draw visitors and get on sound financial footing.

Our top ten episodes of ‘Supernatural’

4+ Just over 15 years ago, on September 13, 2005, we were introduced to the Winchester brothers, the two protagonists of a new dark fantasy TV series, created by Eric Kripke called Supernatural, which premiered on the WB channel, now known as the CW. When the network ceased being the WB and became the CW, … Continue reading “Our top ten episodes of ‘Supernatural’”

Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek dies of Pancreatic Cancer

1+ 2020 has taken another icon from us. Beloved Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, whose witty demeanor made the game show a must-see since 1984, has succumbed to his ongoing battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 80. A spokesperson for the game show told TMZ, who first reported his death, “Jeopardy is saddened to share that … Continue reading “Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek dies of Pancreatic Cancer”

Biden takes lead, while Trump falls behind

1+ As ballots continue to be counted in multiple battleground states, some of them are receiving extra scrutiny in a process known as ballot adjudication. Intricacies of the process vary by state and sometimes by county, but it typically involves a small panel of people reviewing a ballot to determine either the voter’s intent or whether the … Continue reading “Biden takes lead, while Trump falls behind”

Lincoln Project recreates ’80s parody for “Regeneron”

2+ The Lincoln Project has recreated a satirical 80’s commercial, mocking President Donald Trump’s recent praise for Regeneron, which sounds like a character in The Transformers. The new video, which feels straight out of Saturday Night Live, depicts Trump as a TV salesman hawking a product in a commercial. The conservative group, which opposes Trump’s … Continue reading “Lincoln Project recreates ’80s parody for “Regeneron””

‘Gossamer Folds’ award-winning director Lisa Donato

1+ Director Lisa Donato was born into an Italian-American family of storytellers and says she earned her sense of humor early by obsessively reenacting and rewriting SNL skits for school talent shows and strangers on Montana hiking trails. After a college advisor told her that she would never make money in art, she did what … Continue reading “‘Gossamer Folds’ award-winning director Lisa Donato”

Imperium partners with Sephora, Selena Gomez

1+ Selena Gomez just released her first-ever Rare Beauty makeup collection and the girl did NOT come to play. She has dropped one of the most inclusive beauty launches we’ve seen. This isn’t some 20, 30, or even 40-shade drop – we’re talking 48 freakin’ shades for both foundation and concealer. As announced earlier this week, the line includes … Continue reading “Imperium partners with Sephora, Selena Gomez”

HBO Max, Comedy Central strike programming deal

1+ HBO Max has announced that the upcoming seasons of the critically acclaimed comedies The Other Two and South Side from Comedy Central Productions are joining the streaming platform as new Max Original series. The first seasons of The Other Two and South Side will land on the platform in 2021 followed by brand new seasons to stream exclusively as Max Original series. … Continue reading “HBO Max, Comedy Central strike programming deal”

Peacock to stream all 8 ‘Harry Potter’ films

1+ Peacock today announced all eight Harry Potter films will be available to stream in windows over the next six months starting later this year and into 2021. The movie adaptations of J.K. Rowling’s famed series ranked as the highest-grossing film franchise in history and are a fantastic addition to Peacock’s growing library of iconic … Continue reading “Peacock to stream all 8 ‘Harry Potter’ films”

Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden react to Emmy noms

1+ On Tuesday, NBC tallied 47 Emmy Awards nominations, the most of any traditional broadcast network for the 72nd annual show. Nominated series included The Good Place, SNL, The Voice, This is Us, The Golden Globes and Will and Grace. Two of NBC’s noms, Ted Danson and first-time nominee, D’Arcy Carden of The Good Place reacted … Continue reading “Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden react to Emmy noms”

‘Watchmen’ lead all Emmy noms with 26

2+ Netflix dominated the 72nd Emmy nominee count on Tuesday with 160 nominations, setting a new record for the most nominations for a single network or streaming platform. HBO meanwhile, came in second with 107 nominees, down from last year’s 137, which were buoyed by Game of Thrones’ record 32 nods. The cable network had … Continue reading “‘Watchmen’ lead all Emmy noms with 26”